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Sorry I've been MIA. Life is finally starting to get back to normal.

Felicia is with me through next week. She has been behaving admirably so far. I guess it really was just that her and Abby couldn't live together. I checked the PAWS website tonight and Abby's picture is up. I hope she goes to her forever home soon and that they take amazing care of her.

I'm rereading Atlas Shrugged and loving every minute of it. Dagny is currently in Atlantis. If I ever have a daughter, I want to call her Dagny, so when she grows up she can read that book and realize what an amazing character she is named after. Dagny kicks so much ass. Love her.

Apartment hunting is stressful.

Body is also stressful. I've started spotting (I got one whole week without my period! SIGH) late at night but in the morning when I take my birth control it stops. Gonna call my doctor tomorrow and see what he has to say. Stupid fibroid. I NEED THIS THING OUT OF ME NOW. On the kidney stone front, I am awaiting testing materials from a lab company. I get to a 48 hour urine analysis, get blood drawn, and have another CT scan. YAY. Thank god for insurance.

I am having a Tori Renaissance. (This seems to go nicely with my reread of Atlas Shrugged. Both are incredibly influential forces in my life, Tori moreso than AS.) It's been too long since I've listened to her, so I think for the next few days I'm going to just hit shuffle and immerse myself in Tori.

I need to have someone look at my taxes to make sure I did them right. Here's hoping they find some stuff I missed.

Pole dancing continues to be amazing. I learned a new trick this week called the Flying Body Spiral - I LOVE IT. You literally fly around the pole. It's killer on the arms and back but so fun. Can't believe Level 4 is almost done. My class is combining with the other 10am Sunday class because we're all upper level now and I'll be getting a new teacher. She taught my class this week because there were only 2 of us in my class and 1 in hers so my teacher had us just take from Monique. It was fun because Julie (my teacher) took the class with us. I love Monique's teaching style, after each free dance she takes a moment and tells you everything that was beautiful about the way you moved. It was really inspiring. I was a little wary of getting a new teacher, because I've been with Julie for 8 months now, but I think it's going to work out nicely.

Going to curl up with my book and my cat until I fall asleep.
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Just put my (fake) Christmas tree up. I hardly decorated last year and it was sad, so I stole Adam's fake tree cuz Ted likes to get a real one. It's big, and awesome, and I have colorful decorations and it is going to look awesome when it's done. Alas, I need more lights, so I can't put the bulbs on until I can hit Target again.

Here's hoping the cats don't destroy it.

The best part of my tree is that I have Yoda at the top as my guardian angel!! Oh yes. He even has a light saber that lights up. I win at Christmas.

I bought Tori's Christmas album, Midwinter Graces, but haven't given it a listen yet. Except for Pink and Glitter, which rules. I saw 2012 on Monday and it was AWESOME. I love disaster movies. I also bought Star Trek on blu ray because it is also awesome. I had some nice days off, doing some thinking. My head is a weird place right now.

Almost time to head to the doc to find out what we do about my fibroids. Cross your fingers that that's all it is!
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Well friends, it's official!!!

I am no longer reeni928. I am now [livejournal.com profile] helikedmyshoes. It's gonna take some getting used to, I've been reeni928 for 8 years on here!! That's a long time, man. But it was time for a change. I also changed my layout, check it out! Used a photo I took of my sister and her friend last summer as my header. It'll do for now.

[livejournal.com profile] helikedmyshoes [livejournal.com profile] helikedmyshoes [livejournal.com profile] helikedmyshoes [livejournal.com profile] helikedmyshoes Check it out!

The name comes from the Tori Amos song "Honey," btw. I've peppered the layout with Tori quotes too, because that's what I do. Love her so much.

He liked my shoes. I kept them on.
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I did some shopping this evening because, well, I wanted to, and I just had to get out of the house because it's so frakking hot. I ended up with The Last Unicorn and The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy from Borders, some wallflower plug-ins from Bath and Body Works, Dollhouse Season One on blu ray from Best Buy, and my birth control.

I haven't actually seen any of Dollhouse, but I figured I'd give it a try, and I wanted to buy something at Best Buy since I had rewards certificates to use. I am pissed at Deep Discount DVD, I ordered the Battlestar Galactica Complete Series blu rays from them when they came out two weeks ago, and logged on today so see that they are back ordered. FRAKKERS. Way to send me an email to let me know. I'm annoyed, I want my pilots NOW!! (Not that I don't already have all seasons but 4.5 on DVD. That is not that point!)

I reread the Half Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows and decided to start the series over from the very beginning, because I haven't read the first 5 books since they came out. I just finished Sorcerer's Stone and I love how much she has already set up. JK, I tip my hat to you. Starting Chamber of Secrets tonight as soon as my laundry is done and I can remake my bed. The house really needs to be cleaned in the morning.

I am having a Tori renaissance. I love it.

I wish I had the energy to take my bike, my iPod, and some wine to the beach tonight, but I am just too tired and fried from work this weekend. I think I will retire to my air conditioned bedroom with some Harry Potter and tea tree oil. My router is fucked so I can't bring my computer which is probably a good thing, so I can actually get some sleep tonight.
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So I have now seen Tori 7 times in concert.

1. Radio City Music Hall, NYC, March 7, 2003
2. Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Rochester NY, August 17, 2003
3. The Bushnell, Harford CT, April 10, 2005
4. The Greek Theater, Los Angeles, September 17, 2005
5. The Auditorium Theater, Chicago, November 5, 2007
6. The Vic, Chicago, November 6, 2007
7. The Chicago Theater, Chicago, August 3, 2009

I wanted to compile a list of all the songs I've seen her do live. Just so I can have it. I've seen her perform a fair amount of her catalog. I say fair amount because the woman has over 200 songs.

1000 Oceans (1) [Chicago1]
59th Street Bridge Song (1) [Hartford]
A Sorta Fairytale (3) [NYC, Rochester, LA]
Abraham, Martin and John (1) [NYC]
After the Gold Rush (1) [Rochester]
Almost Rosey (1) [Chicago2]
Amber Waves (1) [Rochester]
Barons of Suburbia (1) [LA]
Beauty Queen (1) [Hartford]
The Beekeeper (2) [Hartford, LA]
Big Wheel (3) [Chicago1, Chicago2, Chicago3]
Black (1) [LA]
Bliss (2) [NYC, Chicago2]
Body and Soul (1) [Chicago1]
Bouncing Off Clouds (2) [Chicago2, Chicago3]
Cars and Guitars (2) [LA, Chicago3]
Carbon (3) [Rochester, Hartford, LA]
Caught a Lite Sneeze (1) [Chicago2]
China (1) [Chicago1]
Cloud on My Tongue (1) [Hartford]
Concertina (2) [NYC, Chicago1]
Code Red (2) [Chicago1, Chicago2]
Cooling (2) [LA, Chicago1]
Cornflake Girl (5) [NYC, Rochester, Chicago1, Chicago2, Chicago3]
Crucify (2) [NYC, Rochester]
Cruel (1) [Chicago2]
Curtain Call (1) [Chicago3]
Digital Ghost (1) [Chicago2]
Dragon (1) [Chicago1]
Fast Horse (1) [Chicago3]
Fat Slut (1) [Chicago2]
Father Lucifer (1) [NYC]
Girl (1) [Rochester]
Give (1) [Chicago3]
God (3) [NYC, Rochester, LA]
Happy Phantom (1) [Chicago2]
Hey Jupiter (3) [NYC, Chicago1, Chicago2]
Horses (2) [Rochester, Hartford]
Hotel (5) [NYC, Rochester, Chicago1, Chicago2, Chicago3]
I Can't See New York (2) [NYC, Rochester]
Iieee (1) [NYC]
Jackie's Strength (2) [NYC, Hartford]
Jamaica Inn (1) [LA]
Josephine (2) [Rochester, Chicago3]
Lady in Blue (1) [Chicago3]
Leather (3) [NYC, Hartford, Chicago3]
Little Amsterdam (1) [LA]
Little Earthquakes (2) [Rochester, LA]
Liquid Diamonds (1) [Chicago2]
Lust (2) [NYC, Rochester]
Mary (1) [Rochester]
Marys of the Sea (2) [Hartford, Chicago3]
Me and a Gun (with band) (1) [Chicago2]
Me and Bobby McGee (1) [Hartford]
Merman (1) [Hartford]
Mrs. Jesus (1) [Hartford]
Nights in White Satin (1) [LA]
Northern Lad (1) [Chicago3]
Original Sinsuality (2) [Hartford, LA]
Pancake (1) [NYC]
Pandora's Aquarium (1) [Chicago3]
Parasol (1) [Hartford]
Past the Mission (1) [NYC]
Playboy Mommy (1) [LA]
Police Me (1) [Chicago3]
Precious Things (4) [Rochester, Chicago1, Chicago2, Chicago3]
Raspberry Swirl (1) [Chicago1]
Ribbons Undone (1) [Hartford]
Running Up That Hill (1) [LA]
Secret Spell (1) [Chicago1]
She's Your Cocaine (1)
Silent All These Years (1) [Hartford]
Siren (1) [Rochester]
Spring Haze (1) [Hartford]
Smokey Joe (1) [Chicago2]
Strange (1) [Hartford]
Strong Black Vine (1) [Chicago3]
Sugar (1) [Chicago2]
Sweet the Sting (1) [Hartford]
Sweet Sangria (1) [NYC]
Talula (1) [Rochester]
Take to the Sky (4) [NYC, Rochester, Chicago1, Chicago3]
Taxi Ride (1) [NYC]
Tear in Your Hand (1) [Chicago1]
Teenage Hustling (1) [Chicago2]
That Guy (1) [Chicago3]
Toast (1) [LA]
Tombigbee (1) [Rochester]
Twinkle (1) [Hartford]
Waitress (1) [Chicago2]
Wampum Prayer (2) [NYC, Rochester]
Wednesday (2) [NYC, Rochester]
Winter (2) [LA, Chicago2]
Yes, Anastasia (1) [Rochester]
You Can Bring Your Dog (1) [Chicago1]
Your Cloud (2) [NYC, Chicago1]

Not bad, ehh? Okay, I think I'm finally down from the show high. Time for bed.
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Set list for Tori's show tonight at the Chicago Theater:

Main Set

* Give
* Bouncing Off Clouds
* Cornflake Girl
* Curtain Call
* Hotel
* Josephine
* Pandora’s Aquarium
* Marys of the Sea
* Lady in Blue

Lizard Lounge

* Leather
* That Guy

band returns

* Northern Lad
* Cars and Guitars
* Fast Horse
* Precious Things
* Strong Black Vine


* Police Me
* Take To The Sky
* Big Wheel

YESYESYESYESYES! What a great show. She had so much energy, and she was really playful tonight. It could have had something to do with Market Days this weekend, which is a big fest in Boystown for all the gays to have an excuse to walk around with their shirts off and show off their rockin' bodies. She said it was a "boys' show" tonight, and it sure was with That Guy, Northern Lad, and Cars and Guitars. That Guy is one of my absolute favorites from the new album, and it was soooooooo awesome solo. It's such a "musical" song, as in could be part of a musical, which makes sense because she's been writing one for the last two years. She's even said that That Guy might make it into the show. Awesome. Love it. So happy to hear it tonight.

Give is such a hot song. Oh man. What a kickin' open. It's such a defiant in your face no apologies song, and you just want to move to it. Oh man, I can't wait to learn all kinds of new tricks in pole dancing class and then dance to that song. It's going to be HOT.

Bouncing Off Clouds is always fun, kept that high energy and shot us right into the sky. Lots of sky and water songs tonight. Add in the fire of Give, Precious Things, and Strong Black Vine, and the earth bridge she threw into Take to the Sky, and all the elements were represented tonight.

Cornflake Girl was great tonight, I've heard it at pretty much every show I've seen her do and it never gets old. Curtain Call was beautiful, I'm pretty indifferent about it on the album but it definitely comes into its own when played live. "By the time you're 35, you will have blown them all." It's wistful, almost, and just sad. I really liked it.

I had a feeling she would pull out Hotel since she messed it up both times she played it when she was in Chicago in '07. She kicked its ass tonight. I think Hotel is my favorite song to hear live, it is just so desperate in its need for faith and love and strength and understanding. It's that feeling you get when nothing has gone the way that you thought it would, when you realize you're alone and you're not quite sure how you ended up where you are. It's about wanting things from people that they just can't give you. It's about the way people change. It's about being gutted. And in the end, oh god the ending, when the music quiets and she wails, "Exit 75, I'm still alive, I'm still alive," and just repeats that like a mantra...I mean, who in their life hasn't been there, hasn't stood looking around them either at the wreckage or at something that's been rebuilt with blood and sweat and tears and been like, "goddammit, I'm still alive. I'M STILL ALIVE." I love it so, so much.

Josephine. Oh, Josephine. When I lived in LA, Josephine was one of three songs that I would listen to all the time, I called them the Trifecta, they just worked together so well. The other two were I Know by Fiona Apple and Konstantine by Something Corporate. I love the ghosts in Josephine, I love the way it bridges the gap between two planes of existence. I love it's quiet defeat (not tonight...). It is such a beautiful piece.

Pandora. PANDORA. Man. This song just kills me. Talk about being in the wreckage. It's such a sad song, about the quiet that comes after the catastrophe when you have to start to process and understand what happened so you can work through it. (stare but I can taste you're still alive below the waste.) It's about accepting, and sometimes you have to accept that you aren't going to be accepted. It was so beautiful, her voice just soared right up into the rafters.

Marys of the Sea was good, but probably one of the weakest parts of the show. It felt stiff and under-rehearsed.

Lady in Blue was GREAT. Such a sexy, smokey song. Very 1920s lounge. It's a stand out on the album, and it worked really well live.

Leather is always a treat, though I've heard it 3 times now.

That Guy I already mentioned, but it was so good I'll mention it again. The album version is very different, it has a more sardonic tone with the strings and the drums, more eye rolling, pretty much calling the guy out for being a guy and doing something stupid. The piano version is much more heartwrenching, standing back and watching this person you care about turn into someone you don't recognize and not being able to do anything about it. It was a lot sadder, but it worked really well.

Norther Lad tugged at the heart strings. (Girls you've got to know when it's time to turn the page.) Kinda the story of my life for the past couple of years.

Cars and Guitars sounds a lot better than it does on the Beekeeper, but it'll never be a favorite of mine. Still, it was playful and in keeping with the guy theme.

Fast Horse is a lot darker and sexier than the album version, and I really liked it. Watching that woman play four different instruments in one song, usually 2 at once, is just a sight to behold.

Precious Things...I mean, who doesn't love Precious Things. It's a song that still holds up after almost 20 years, and there is so much anger and frustration in it, I love it. Plus, any song that has the line, "So you can make me come, that doesn't make you Jesus," in it is always welcome in my book!!

Police Me was dark and sinister, but didn't really grab me. I'm not a huge fan of it on the album, either.

Take to the Sky is pretty much the motto of my life, so it's always fun to hear. I love that she added the I Feel the Earth Move bridge, I don't think she's played it that way since '05. It really adds something to the song. It's such an empowering song, I love it.

She ended with Big Wheel, which I really like. Usually she does 2 encores but we only got one tonight, probably because of the curfew at the theater. Jerks. Big Wheel is always fun, and I like that she ended the show on such a strong note. I do love the shows I've seen that ended with Hey Jupiter or Twinkle, but then you leave quietly. I was still pumped when it ended thanks to the thumping of Big Wheel.

Overall, a great show, she was totally on, rocking a gold dress, silver leggings, and AWESOME shoes. That's my girl. I just, I love her SO MUCH, she will never not be my favorite artist of all time, and every time I get to see her play live is such a treat and I really cherish those experiences. I am on such a high right now, I love it.

Oh T. Thank you for being such a strong, beautiful, warm light in my life. I adore you.
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On my way to see Tori Amos at the Chicago Theater. You guys can imagine how excited I am!!!! She always pulls out some goodies for us here in Chicago, I can't wait to see what's in store for tonight.


May. 28th, 2009 10:13 am
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Just got my ticket to see Tori August 3rd at the Chicago Theater! I think I actually got a great seat, the closest I've ever been besides the Vic which was standing room only. WOO!
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Well I got nothing done today that I wanted because I came home from lunch and laid down because I was tired and I never get to nap because I usually work 12 hour days with no time to go home in between. It was nice, but I had a lot to do around the house because it is pretty much a mess, and none of it got done. Luckily I am off tomorrow and have no plans other than probably being hungover from Blackjack at Adam's tonight, and I can definitely clean with a hangover.

I miss BSG. THIS interview just popped up of Jamie at the Jules Verne Festival and it made my heart hurt even as it soothed it. I love how he sees Lee, and Lee and Kara, and I love hearing him speak so intelligently about the character. Also, the man speaks fluent French. Good lord he is so frakking attractive. Anyway, for those out there still trying to heal, go watch the interview. At the end...he understands. She's his angel. Beautiful. I miss my pilots.

More and more Tori songs are leaking from the new album, and I am getting more excited for it. Give sounds fantastic, very Choirgirl/Venus. Welcome to England has been in my regular rotation. It's getting to be that time where I listen to Scarlet's Walk obsessively for a few weeks. That record always makes me think of spring for some reason, and seems to move through the seasons of summer and end in fall with Gold Dust. Yes, it is definitely time for some Tori taking over my life. I can't wait to see her in concert this summer.

I need to shower. I don't think Felicia is eating and I do not relish trying to feed her with a dropper like the doc showed me. She won't take it. Ugh. Most of the food was gone this morning though so maybe she just isn't hungry right now. She is definitely acting like her normal self a lot more than she was, so that's good. Abby still won't go near her. The two of them are on opposite corners of the bed right now, staring at each other warily. Weird.
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Maybe I don't wanna go to where you're not, so...

THAT is how I feel about Battlestar ending. Thank you, Tori Amos.


I am tired and sad and can't sleep. Reading other people's reactions, trying to gauge my own...it's got my brain all jumbled. It's funny, I don't think I was this broken up when Buffy ended. I don't know what that says, I had so much more invested in Buffy.

I remember the first time I watched BSG. I was living in LA and hating everything and I got the miniseries on Netflix. It feels like a lifetime ago.
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Can it be May 19th, PLEASE?

Track list:
1. ‘Give’
2. ‘Welcome to England’
3. ‘Strong Black Vine’
4. ‘Flavor’
5. ‘Not Dying Today’
6. ‘Maybe California’
7. ‘Curtain Call’
8. ‘Fire to Your Plain’
9. ‘Police Me’
10. ‘That Guy’
11. ‘Abnormally Attracted to Sin’
12. ’500 Miles’
13. ‘Mary Jane’
14. ‘Starling’
15. ‘Fast Horse’
16. ‘Ophelia’
17. ‘Lady in Blue’

Please be better than The Beekeeper. That's all I ask.
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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and all that jazz!

I hope you are all surrounded by love and joy and peace on this day. And family. Mine is in another time zone today, but I am spending the holiday the family I have made here and I'm happy and healthy and I made a kick ass lasagna. The sun is shining and everything is merry and bright. As long as I don't listen to Tori's version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, I'll be okay. That song makes me cry when I listen to it, whether it's at Christmas or in the middle of the summer.

Love to you all!
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"You make your choices, and you live with them. And in the end, you are those choices."


"I finally understood, 'oh my god, that's the only way that I can write this, if I start seeing him as beautiful. That he's beautiful after all that happened. He's still beautiful, even after no matter what he does.' Now that can say a lot about me, or that can say a lot about him.” - Tori Amos


This has been a really fucked up week.
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She played Me and a Gun.


And she had a knife.

And a gun.

That was probably the best night of my life.
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Bitches, we got Raspberry Swirl.

Suck it.


That setlist was written for me. Seriously.
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Kittens still peeing on things.

Weird mood all week.

Too much work and not enough play makes Serena a dull girl.

Cuddles needed.

Writing waiting in the wings.

Retail therapy is good for the soul.

Apartment is messy :: Life is messy.

Tori tickets for Nov 5 and 6.

Sweeney Todd and Iron Man trailers.

Johnny Depp singing gets me wet.

When we were young.
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Tonight we are going to see Nickel Creek and Fiona Apple!! I bought the tickets for Adam's birthday. I'm so excited!

On a different concert note, Tori tickets for her show on Nov. 5th go on sale tomorrow at noon. GUESS WHO HAS TO BE AT WORK.

There is no justice in the world.
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Every day
I crucify myself
And nothing I do is good enough for you

Crucify myself
Every day
I crucify myself

My heart is sick of being in
She's living in

On the FLOOR
That Day




I have
crawled my way back

I have crawled my way back


On the floor that day
head in my hands
at your feet
and i have
crawled my way back


never again
every day
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Last night I shared a train home with a homeless man who started jerking himself off a few minutes after my coworkers and I got on. I thought he was just scratching an itch at first, but it turned out to be a different kind of itch altogether.

New Tori album out May 1st!!!! Awesome.

This is my last of three doubles in a row. Pray I make money tonight.
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I have not been outside all day.

The snow that is falling right now looks more like volcano ash. It is big and fat and lazy on the breeze.

edit: I just went outside to throw out the garbage, and the snow seems to be hanging suspended in the air before it starts moving back up into the sky. Yes, the snow is going the opposite way it normally does. And there's no wind to speak of. Weird. (I am just obsessed with snow lately, aren't I? What gives?)

My head is so full of food and wine I think it might explode.

TEAM LOGAN. (I'm just practicing.)

I miss Tori. I haven't been spending as much time with her as usual. Maybe that's why I feel weird.

Adam and I have started watching Heroes. We're only 1 and a half episodes in (we fell asleep halfway through 1.02) but already I am loving it. I don't want to kill JessMilo Ventimiglia, which a strange new feeling. Even though he did beat out my friend Louis for the part of Rocky's son in Rocky Balboa. It has sucked me right in, I'm in for the ride with this one. Friday Night Lights is next, after we get caught up on House S3, though Adam has already informed me he wants no part in FNL because he is lame.

I really need TiVo.

Sometims I really need to be an adult about things. I think this is one of those times. (<-- not about TEAM LOGAN. which must be in caps. about life stuff concerning other people and other feelings.)

i knew you pigtails and all
girls when they



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