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Sorry I've been MIA. Life is finally starting to get back to normal.

Felicia is with me through next week. She has been behaving admirably so far. I guess it really was just that her and Abby couldn't live together. I checked the PAWS website tonight and Abby's picture is up. I hope she goes to her forever home soon and that they take amazing care of her.

I'm rereading Atlas Shrugged and loving every minute of it. Dagny is currently in Atlantis. If I ever have a daughter, I want to call her Dagny, so when she grows up she can read that book and realize what an amazing character she is named after. Dagny kicks so much ass. Love her.

Apartment hunting is stressful.

Body is also stressful. I've started spotting (I got one whole week without my period! SIGH) late at night but in the morning when I take my birth control it stops. Gonna call my doctor tomorrow and see what he has to say. Stupid fibroid. I NEED THIS THING OUT OF ME NOW. On the kidney stone front, I am awaiting testing materials from a lab company. I get to a 48 hour urine analysis, get blood drawn, and have another CT scan. YAY. Thank god for insurance.

I am having a Tori Renaissance. (This seems to go nicely with my reread of Atlas Shrugged. Both are incredibly influential forces in my life, Tori moreso than AS.) It's been too long since I've listened to her, so I think for the next few days I'm going to just hit shuffle and immerse myself in Tori.

I need to have someone look at my taxes to make sure I did them right. Here's hoping they find some stuff I missed.

Pole dancing continues to be amazing. I learned a new trick this week called the Flying Body Spiral - I LOVE IT. You literally fly around the pole. It's killer on the arms and back but so fun. Can't believe Level 4 is almost done. My class is combining with the other 10am Sunday class because we're all upper level now and I'll be getting a new teacher. She taught my class this week because there were only 2 of us in my class and 1 in hers so my teacher had us just take from Monique. It was fun because Julie (my teacher) took the class with us. I love Monique's teaching style, after each free dance she takes a moment and tells you everything that was beautiful about the way you moved. It was really inspiring. I was a little wary of getting a new teacher, because I've been with Julie for 8 months now, but I think it's going to work out nicely.

Going to curl up with my book and my cat until I fall asleep.


Mar. 17th, 2010 11:51 pm
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I have a cat again, temporarily.

I got a call from the shelter on Wednesday as I was boarding the plane to Orlando saying Felicia was bein way too aggressive and that they couldn't keep her. Nevermind the fact that she clearly hates cages, and just needed time to adjust, AND that I have them $400 so my kitties could have a new home...

Anyway, as I was out of town I freaked out. Damn near ruined my vacation worrying what I was gonna do with her. Luckily Katy got me in touch with a friend of hers who's going to take her. I'll keep her for the weekend and then she'll go to her new home on Monday or Tuesday.

It's nice having her back (as long as she pees only in the litter!), but I feel so bad, she keeps roaming the house meowing, looking for Abby. She even goes into all the places Abby used to hide, it breaks my heart. Jon, the guy who's taking her, has another cat and a dog so she won't be lonely. Still, she and Abby were sisters from the same litter, they were always around each other, no wonder she's lonely. I leave the tv on when I'm not here so she has some comfort.

In other news, St. Patricks Day was a lot of fun! Relaxing in Joliet at a bar all day, then a quick trip to the casino where Adam and I lost money embarrassingly fast. Fun though! I'm tired, it's bedtime.

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exit 288

Mar. 7th, 2010 01:23 am
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It's weird being home with no cats.

They went to PAWS today, the big no-kill shelter here in Chicago. It was a hard decision, but it's been a long time coming. I've been more patient than most people would be, and it's just at the point now where I can't do it anymore. I'm not home enough to have animals, it isn't fair to them and it isn't fair to me. I wish I had known that when I first thought about getting a kitten. Not that I would trade the time we had for anything, but this part has been really hard.

I miss them, and I wish I didn't have to make that choice, I wish we could all just live in peace together, but we couldn't, and I couldn't continue to live with training pads covering my couch and a tarp over my carpet in the back room. I hope they go to great homes and have wonderful lives filled with lots of love. I wish I could have given that to them. I couldn't, but I hope what I have given them is the chance to find that. I feel blessed for the time that we did have together. I miss them a lot.

This has been a pretty trying week. I am sending all my positive energy out to the cats and their new future homes and families, whoever they may be. I hope they find each other soon.

I hope I made the right decision. No. I know I made the right decision. I hope they're okay.
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Well, I spent another day in the emergency room yesterday. I wonder if I start getting a room that's saved for me after 3 visits.

I woke up with a little bit of pain in my lower back on the right side, but I'd had it since Wednesday and honestly I thought it was just a pulled muscle. As I got ready for work it got more and more painful, and just kept getting worse. I stopped at Starbucks to get some water and a muffin so I could take some Motrin, and I got really dizzy and nauseous and I couldn't really stand up straight. By the time I walked into work I was crying, it hurt so badly.

I sat in the back and my GM brought me some milk and Annie suggested that I go to the ER. I was going to just go to the Minute Clinic because I was starting to suspect that it was kidney related, but I just figured it was a UTI. I was in so much pain though that the ER sounded more and more like the best idea. I got in a cab, even though the hospital is only about 6 blocks from work, and that's when I started to get really nauseous and knew I was going to throw up, and I got really worried because clearly something was very wrong.

I got checked in at the ER and they took my blood pressure and temperature and all that. They still had all my info on file from when I got my transfusion so then it just because a waiting game for a bed. I threw up a bunch of times in the waiting room, and was too sick to be embarrassed. Luckily all I'd had was some water and a few pieces of pound cake from Starbucks, and throwing up chocolate was surprisingly pleasant.

I was in so much pain. It was very concentrated over my right kidney and just never ended, it wasn't a stabbing pain, just nonstop pressure that was so intense I couldn't stop my right leg from shaking. I'd called Adam so he could come down and stay with me, and waiting for him was just agony. I was crying and shaking and throwing up and it was AWFUL.

They finally had a bed ready for me, and led me up to the same place I'd gone for my transfusion. Stupid me thought I could walk the whole way, and I got sick as soon as I got up there again. At that point there was nothing to throw up by bile, and then it became drying heaving, it was horrible. I managed to get into a gown and curl up into a ball on the bed while the best nurse EVER put in the IV - she did it so fast that I barely even felt it, it was amazing.

They immediately started me on anti-nausea meds, and gave me some narcotic that's similar to morphine for the pain. They had to give me more about 10 minutes later because while I did feel the medication take effect (my whole body felt woozy and my legs felt like jelly), I was still in a lot of pain. They gave me more and then another medication on top of that, and then I started to feel goooooood. The pain was gone, it was amazing.

Adam got there as they were wheeling me out to get a CT Scan. I felt like I was in an episode of House, it was pretty cool. When I got back he came and sat with me in my little private room, and we just hung out playing each other in Scrabble on our iPhones. The doctors figured it was kidney stones and were waiting for the CT results and also the urine analysis to come back.

We waited for that stuff for about 3 hours. Finally it came back: I had a kidney stone AND a UTI. AWESOME. I also apparently have a couple more stones in each of my kidneys that haven't done anything yet, so I have to go see a urologist next week so we can talk about what has to be done for them. They were debating about whether to keep me because they didn't want me to develop an infection, but I didn't have a fever so they said as long as I remained fever-free I could go. They gave me an IV of antibiotics that took about an hour to drip into my system, during which time I made Adam watch Bones, and then we were free to go.

Let me tell you: Vicodin is a wonderful thing. I took two last night because the pain was starting to come back, and it made me a little loopy and drowsy. I've been super tired all day, I'm fighting to keep my eyes open so I can type this.

So basically I need to drink a ton more water than I had been. I'm sure there are dietary restrictions, everything I've found online said less meat. My mother wasn't really helpful, I was looking for comfort and she was all, "well this gives you a chance to think about your lifestyle and reflect on it and see what you need to change," AKA she thinks I'm an alcoholic and keeps dropping hints about it. FUCK OFF MOM. I love how she implies that it's my LIFESTYLE - hello, I eat pretty healthy, I work out consistently, and contrary to popular belief I only drink once or twice a week, and heavily maybe once or twice a month. UGH. I was really upset with her.

Anyway, my issues with my mom are for another entry.

So now in the last six months I've been anemic, had a transfusion, gone to the emergency room twice, had surgery to remove a fibroid, and had kidney stones. DO I GET A BREAK NOW? Seriously. I am so over it. I'm taking it all in stride as best I can but it's getting me down. I feel very emotionally drained. Like, I just can't catch a fucking break.

Oh, and I just got my period, which I wasn't supposed to get because of the Lupron shot that I'm on which is a high dose of hormones that's supposed to make me stop bleeding. FUCK YOU BODY. I called my gyno, who is out of town of course, and basically the only thing the nurse said was to keep an eye on it and if it gets really bad to go in and see another doctor. AHHH I JUST WANT TO GET BETTER.

And that is the story of my second trip to the emergency room. I'm really glad Adam was there with me, it was nice having the distraction. He was really great. And thank you for all the support too, it meant so much to me. I hate being a weak little cry baby but man, yesterday I couldn't help it. All the love coming in was great.


I feel like things are in such upheaval lately. There is so much going on...I go to Florida in a week, the cats go to the shelter on Saturday (sadface), I still have to do my taxes, I didn't renew my lease so I need to figure out where I'm going to move to...a lot of stress right now.

I have to start getting all the cat stuff together, I can't believe they are leaving me forever on Saturday. I am really sad, but honestly, I'm kind of relieved too. I feel like I've failed in a way, because I wasn't able to give them the kind of home they deserve even though I love them so much. It just isn't fair to all of us, I'm not home enough for them and I can't live the rest of my life with cats who pee on my stuff. I pray they go to good homes and have long and happy lives and that the people who adopt them love them as much as I do. I will miss having my kitties greet me when I come home and snuggle with me at night. It's going to be lonely. At the end of the day, I just hope that we are all happy and that they are loved and cared for.

And I don't want to think about it anymore because I will cry.

Okay, I need to pop more Vicodin and take a nice hot shower. Looks like the house is going to remain a mess today. Oh well.
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Dear Livejournal,

Sorry I've been neglecting you. I've had a lot going on...trip to Italy...vacation to Florida in two weeks...giving my cats to a shelter next weekend. I promise that one of these days I will take like three hours and update you. Til then, know that I think of you often.



I'm exhausted. Not sure if it's remnants of my cold, jet lag, depression, a new illness coming on. I went to bed last night around 8:30, and I think tonight is going to be more of the same. Back to work tomorrow. Cats leave me on Saturday March 6. I go back and forth. Mostly I am really sad, but I'm also a little relieved, and I feel really guilty too. sigh.

Back to real life tomorrow.

my sister

Jan. 15th, 2010 12:02 am
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So my sister got in a pretty terrible car accident today.

First off, by some miracle, she is completely fine. No one else was involved. She hit a pot hole going down the mountain to work and her car spun out and flipped on its side. The driver side windows both shattered. She doesn't remember crawling out of the car, but she did. She has a single scratch on her finger AND THAT'S IT.

Someone stopped to help her, then another girl who we both knew stopped to help her (she is one of five sisters; one of them was in my high school class and one of them was in Gen's) and called my mom at school, who left her class and went right over. She took Gen home and dealt with some insurance stuff, then took her to Urgent Care to get X-rays to make sure everything was okay internally.

My mom said she's really lucky. Apparently the guardrail was a lot closer to her head than she let on, she could have easily been paralyzed or worse. She's shaken up, obviously, but hopefully otherwise okay, though I guess we won't really know for a few days.

I just - it was so scary getting that phone call. I am so, so glad she is okay, but just knowing how bad it could have been....I don't know what I would have done. She's my baby sister.

Thankfully, she's okay.


I donated money to Doctors Without Borders and Yele. Please, if you can, donate even $5. Every little bit helps. Now is the time for compassion. I gave $100, $50 to each. Give something.

I watched CNN all night. I don't know how I'm going to sleep.

It has been a very emotionally draining day. I got stopped by an ASPCA rep on the street yesterday and signed up to give monthly donations. I want to get big on donations this year. I am very fortunate and I want to give back and help those who don't have as much. I spend enough money on crap for myself, I could be doing something good instead.

And then of course I get a call from PAWS, the no kill shelter I contacted over the summer about giving my cats to. For those of you who are new, I have two kitties who I love a lot, but they never learned how to pee in the litter box. They mostly keep to puppy training pads I set outside the litter box, though one has chose the shower directly over the drain as her "spot" (it could be worse). I can't live like this anymore, and I'm not home enough and they get pissed and pee on the couch in retaliation. I love them to death but I feel like someone out there can give someone the love and attention that they deserve and, quite frankly, need.

That said, I am completely wracked with guilt over it...what if someone isn't as tolerant as me? What if someone doesn't love them as much as me and just abandons them? Luckily PAWS will take them back if they prove problematic, but still... I just, I feel so guilty for giving them away. I just can't do it anymore. I'm such a terrible person.

I have to call them back tomorrow.


I have to go to bed. I am so emotionally drained from this day. I got my bloodwork back and everything is good so I don't need a transfusion. Surgery is Monday.

Today was full of good things that could otherwise have been catastrophes.
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So, I dyed my hair black a few weeks ago. I am finally used to it, and the color has faded a bit so that red highlights are starting to come through. I've gotten lots of compliments and everyone seems to really like it, apparently I look all sultry which I am all for!!

But every time I look in the mirror, I feel like Vanessa from The Little Mermaid (you know, Vanessa is actually Ursula turned human and she's using Ariel's voice to lure poor hapless Prince Eric away and get him to marry her and is all evil and wonderful and should have her own movie). Case in point:



I want to cackle evilly and make someone marry me out of spite.


These are the worst days off I've had in a very long time. I got a brief reprieve Tuesday night when I went to Adam's for blackjack and poker. (I was hoping for some sexy times but no joy - I passed out and he uploaded podcasts to his new website until 5 in the morning. When did we get OLD?) But I came home Wednesday afternoon, after spending an hour at WaMu getting my bank accounts transferred from California to Illinois so I could get my new Chase debit card, to find a bunch of cat vomit all over my apartment and Abby drooling just as Felicia had been. UGH. So off we went back to the vet.

My vet is super sweet and I really like her. Abby didn't have the ulcers on her tongue like Felicia did but she had a fever and the same symptoms so I am to administer the same meds and hope that she gets better. All this was fine and dandy until Felicia decided to scratch one of the vet techs, and since she is not up on her rabies shots, she has to stay at the vet for the next 10 days for observation. I thought my vet was going to cry when she told me, she clearly felt horrible about the whole situation. Felicia just got scared and lashed out and now the poor thing is quarantined for the next 10 days.

And of course Abby doesn't know what to do with herself. She made a mess in her carrier so I had to bathe her when we got home, so I am REALLY not her favorite person right now. She is currently wallowing in her super secret hiding spot in my closet after I pumped her full of drugs and pain meds. It's weird because it feels like there are no cats here at all. This is actually a good time to experiment and see if Abby also pees outside the litter box or if it's only Felicia as I suspect. At least her stay at the vet won't cost me anything, the last three days I have spent over $700 on them. UGH. Do NOT want to think about it. At least I'm getting lots of miles from American Express. Sigh.


So, I haven't watched Caprica yet. I KNOW. I will, and I want to, it's just...it's still so raw. Ack. My BSG love is a bleeding wound that just won't clot no matter how hard Jamie Bamber and his interpretations of the finale (plus the French!!) try. AND my friend Maile has my Season 1 DVDs so I can't even go back and start the rewatch that I so want to do. Thank God the blu rays come out in July, that way I will lend out my DVDs and keep my blu rays for myself.

I miss Starbuck. And Apollo. And Tigh. (Not Dee.)


I can't believe I am actually looking forward to going back to work because the last few days have been so exhausting.


I know I owe you replies from comments made last week. I'm sorry I'm so bad at replying. I suck at emailing too. I would like to work on that, I really would.

I redid my tags, cleaned them up and made them a little more inventive. I think I like them, and I think I'm going to change a few more over. I still have to go back one day and tag the first 3 years of this journal. I always always always miss my anniversary: it's March 31. I made this back in 2002. Weird how much of my life is here, and how much I don't remember from before I started writing in it. I wish I had been better about journalling in high school.


I am thinking about my next tattoo. I am toying with the phrase Know Grace, as a reminder, and a warning. I need to let grace guide my life a little more than I do. Next is placement, and how I want it to look, and if it will be in another language or not.


It's time for bed.
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Well I got nothing done today that I wanted because I came home from lunch and laid down because I was tired and I never get to nap because I usually work 12 hour days with no time to go home in between. It was nice, but I had a lot to do around the house because it is pretty much a mess, and none of it got done. Luckily I am off tomorrow and have no plans other than probably being hungover from Blackjack at Adam's tonight, and I can definitely clean with a hangover.

I miss BSG. THIS interview just popped up of Jamie at the Jules Verne Festival and it made my heart hurt even as it soothed it. I love how he sees Lee, and Lee and Kara, and I love hearing him speak so intelligently about the character. Also, the man speaks fluent French. Good lord he is so frakking attractive. Anyway, for those out there still trying to heal, go watch the interview. At the end...he understands. She's his angel. Beautiful. I miss my pilots.

More and more Tori songs are leaking from the new album, and I am getting more excited for it. Give sounds fantastic, very Choirgirl/Venus. Welcome to England has been in my regular rotation. It's getting to be that time where I listen to Scarlet's Walk obsessively for a few weeks. That record always makes me think of spring for some reason, and seems to move through the seasons of summer and end in fall with Gold Dust. Yes, it is definitely time for some Tori taking over my life. I can't wait to see her in concert this summer.

I need to shower. I don't think Felicia is eating and I do not relish trying to feed her with a dropper like the doc showed me. She won't take it. Ugh. Most of the food was gone this morning though so maybe she just isn't hungry right now. She is definitely acting like her normal self a lot more than she was, so that's good. Abby still won't go near her. The two of them are on opposite corners of the bed right now, staring at each other warily. Weird.

cat issues

Apr. 27th, 2009 11:55 pm
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I had to take Felicia to the emergency vet when I got home on Sunday night because she was drooling excessively and had trouble walking. The vet didn't see anything wrong besides the drooling and I didn't feel like spending $450 on tests that probably wouldn't show anything, so I took her home. Poor thing didn't move from her spot on my bed all night and when I woke up she was still in rough shape. She didn't want to eat or drink and was really disoriented.

Abby was acting really weird and hissing at me like crazy so I packed both of them up and off we went to my regular vet. The vet found that Felicia had ulcers on her tongue, probably from chewing on electrical wires (my cat is SMART), and that was causing the drooling and discomfort. They gave her some pain meds and antibiotics and pumped her full of fluids, and I may have to feed her wet food through a medicine stopper if she doesn't start eating on her own. Hopefully it won't come to that as even the vet tech didn't have much success feeding her that way.

I put out some wet food but she didn't seem into it. She's zoinked out beside me from the pain meds, I'm gonna try and get the antibiotics in her while she's all doped up. She's already seeming like her old self, following me around and stuff, so hopefully in a few days she'll be back tomorrow. I have to look for the wire she was chewing on and make sure she didn't do too much damage.

The whole thing cost me over $500. Yikes. And $100 of that was for the emergency room visit in which the doctor didn't see THE ULCERS ON HER TONGUE. Ugh. I have half a mind to call and demand my money back but I think it would be a moot point. He still examined her. Annoying.

I feel bad because I've been thinking lately about how I'm never home to give them the attention they deserve and wondering if maybe I shouldn't put them up for adoption. They keep peeing on stuff, be in the bathroom mat or the mat near the door or just outside their litter. I think it's a behavioral thing and so does the vet; I just don't know how to fix it. I can't not work. It hurts my heart to think about giving them up but I can't have my house smell like cat piss all the time. It's disgusting. I wish an easy solution would present itself but I don't think it's going to.

It's been a crappy couple of days. I am going to go to bed and hope that tomorrow is better!
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Is it lame that it's not yet 11 and I am seriously contemplating going to bed? I cleaned the house pretty thoroughly today, the only thing I didn't do was wash my sheets which I will do on Wednesday.

I love my roomba (it is totally a CYLON btw, it has a mind of its own sometimes! Quick, someone get Cavil to lobotomize it) but it won't pick up the cat hair off the hard wood floors (which my entire apartment is. Ugh). It just clumps it together and pushes it around the floor. I think it's because the hair itself is really static-y, and I googled it today and apparently that just happens in the winter when the humidity is so low, and I have noticed that the cats are prone to static when I pet them but I thought that was just from my clothes or something. So, that's annoying, because I let Roomba do its thing, and then I had to get out the dust buster, and THEN I had to sweep. And then mop. And there is still cat hair on the floor. AND my cats are short hair. I can't even imagine how much worse it would be if they weren't.

I have been playing around in Photoshop and it's been a lot of fun! I'm a little rusty, but I'm getting back into the groove. BSG has eaten my brain and I may have been fooling around with some stuff because I am a ridiculous fangirl.

So my computer is doing something weird. Whenever I unplug it, the screen darkens to conserve the battery so I can stay on it longer. Logical, yes? Well, now the screen is darkened when it's plugged in, and brighter when it's not: the opposite of what it should be. I don't know if there's a button that I hit accidentally or what, I tried searching help but it didn't tell me anything. Has anyone else ever had this problem before?

OMG CAN IT BE FRIDAY ALREADY?!?!?! I NEED NEW BATTLESTAR! This week is all about my girl Kara...I just know it's going to be awesome and for the love of the Gaius Christ we had better find out what the frak happened to her in that damn mandala!!!!! Seriously. Someone fast forward the week.

I'm reading Sandman Volume 4 and just loving every single panel. I had Matt order me Volumes 5 and 6 and I refuse to finish 4 until I have them in my hand because I know I am going to want more as soon as it's done. Neil Gaiman OWNS ME. Love him so much.

If I go to bed now, I definitely have to get up tomorrow at 7:30 to go to the gym before work. I am getting so much better about working out! I have gone to the gym 4 times a week and given myself a great workout, at least an hour of cardio, weight training and ab work. I am serious about getting back in shape and losing weight and toning up, and I am excited to go to the gym because I feel so much better after I work out. Even during the CRAMPS OF DOOM I went and did something, and I am going to keep it up and turn it into a lifestyle. 4 days a week. I can do that.

Okay. Bed for real now.
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I came home to cat pee on the couch.


I honestly don't know what to do with them. This is the second time in two weeks that they've peed on the couch. I don't know if it's because I wasn't home all day because I worked a double, but they don't pee in their litter either, they pee outside of it on the pee pads I set out to try and salvage the carpet. I am at my wits' end with these two, I swear to god. I am so sick of the house smelling like cat piss! It's disgusting and it's such a pain in the ass to clean. Like now, I have to clean the futon cover, then take the cover off to clean the mattress, then wash the cover which I can't do until at least Monday because of work!


Fucking pisses me off. And of course I never catch them in the act so I can't punish them for it. And even if I did it wouldn't matter because they DO IT ANYWAY AGAIN AND AGAIN.

AHH I am so mad I could scream! I did NOT have a good day and did NOT need to come home to this!


Oct. 13th, 2008 12:57 am
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So my 14 hour days turned out to be 16 hour days, and I still have a cold.

BUT I did get to see my friends last night when I should have gone home and to bed and I only had half a beer and drove a very drunk Adam and Ted home feeling like a soccer mom the whole way because they were in the backseat punching each other. Boys are weird. And then there was a game of dirty Simon Says which was fun! And too little sleep, but not because of *that* kind of fun...because clearly my body still hates me. I go on Yaz next week. Woo!

I have one more five hour shift tomorrow, and then two glorious days off. I need a break. I am drained.

I am watching Planet Earth and OMG baby bears are the cutest things EVER! I want! Maybe I can teach the cats to be as cute as baby bears. Wish me luck.

One day I will make a post of substance that encompasses the last, oh, two months. Oops.
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Kittens still peeing on things.

Weird mood all week.

Too much work and not enough play makes Serena a dull girl.

Cuddles needed.

Writing waiting in the wings.

Retail therapy is good for the soul.

Apartment is messy :: Life is messy.

Tori tickets for Nov 5 and 6.

Sweeney Todd and Iron Man trailers.

Johnny Depp singing gets me wet.

When we were young.
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Dear kittens:

You're cute, and highly entertaining, but if you don't stop peeing all over my apartment we are going to have some serious problems.

Guess it's back to the bathroom for you.


Now if you'll excuse me, I need to dress up and go out to dinner for the birthday I haven't celebrated properly.
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I love days off.

I am in the process of cleaning my house. It feels good, it really needed it. I've been lazy and just been vacuuming (I have hardwood floors) and they really needed a good mop. Especially now with the kittens, I'm going to have to get better about cleaning.

Speaking of kittens, they are adorable. Having some problems with getting to use the litter box, though. They're pooping in it no problem but they've been peeing elsewhere. Specifically, my bed. Yeah, that was real pleasant. I moved them into the bathroom last night and when I cleaned the box out this morning they'd peed in it so maybe they're finally getting the hang of it. Currently they are passed out under the pillows on the futon. I could die of the cuteness.

Speaking of cuteness, please click here to see the cutest thing I've seen in a long time (second only to kittens!). Seriously, does that not make your heart melt?

Adam's dad came to visit for the past few days. They went to the Bears game on Sunday and Monday we got pizza and cookies and watched Hollywoodland, then yesterday we went to Target so Dan could buy Adam things (parents are the best), and I hit PetSmart for some more kitty essentials. We went to see The Brave One in the afternoon, which I really enjoyed, and then got subs and came home to watch Hot Fuzz. Lazy days. I love it.

Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. At least next week I'll get 3 days off as Comcast is coming in the afternoon to install my DVR on Monday so I won't be able to work. I'll miss the extra $50 but oh well. Then Rob is coming out to visit Monday night! His girlfriend Sue is coming out for work and he's tagging along as he is jobless at the moment. It'll be great to see him again, I can never have too much Rob in my life. Beer pong is already planned. And then next Friday is my birthday! I can't believe it's nearly here. Crazy. I'm getting old.

I want to leave off with something profound or witty or both but I'm drawing a blank.


Sep. 17th, 2007 08:19 am
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Everyone, please meet Abigail and Felicia. Abby is the shy one, Felicia is real sassy. They are 8 weeks old, the pictures don't really convey how TINY they are! My foot is bigger than them. They weigh 1 lb. each and are tearing up the living room as I type.



Seriously. How cute are they?
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Ladies and gentlemen, I have two kittens.


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