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I frakked my shoulder good last night. OWW THE PAIN.

Also, the crazy dreams continue. A few nights ago it was voyeuristic (watching Adam and Jacqui have sex, REAL FUN LET ME TELL YA). Last night it was action (a plane landing too fast and crashing into a hill, no exploding but still scary as hell). What is up with my mind? Last night also included a TV show that was pretty awesome, and I want the next episode! Weird.

Work has eaten my life for the past few days, but it's been profitable which is really nice. We got ranked at work again, and I am #2! I was shocked, I've been right up there but staying around #4/#5 for the past few months. But #2! Frakking sweet. (For those who don't know, I work in a restaurant and they rank all the servers every two months. The Top Ten ranked servers get a $200 bonus, the best sections, etc.) We found out this is the last month of the bonus though, I guess the recession has finally hit Hillstone. Sucks, that extra $200 has been sweet. Oh well. I'll still take the good sections/best bar shifts as long as I can get em.

I was going to go to the gym today but my shoulder is, as I said, frakked, and I don't think I could lift my arm to put a shirt on, let alone a weight. Instead I'm going to tidy up and do the floors so I don't have to clean on my days off, so they can be spent at Haven's pool or the beach or just outside in general.

I am waiting to get my S1 BSG dvds back from Maile so I can start the rewatch. Can't wait for the blu rays to come out at the end of the month! They are going to cost a pretty penny but I don't care, I want them. I miss my show.
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Last night, I had a dream that I was pregnant.

I woke up and immeadiately took my birth control.
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Yesterday at work, the front doors broke. And by broke, I mean one fell off its hinge and smashed into the other and they both shattered.

During our lunch rush.

Oh yesterday was a special day. And then about 20 minutes later corporate came in, and they haven't been here since like August. I love when these things just come together so beautifully, don't you?

I was supposed to get up and go to the gym but I overslept and dreamt about cockroaches and puppies instead. WTF? I slept for almost 12 hours. Clearly I needed it. It's been a long week. Only two more shifts, then I finally get two days off.

Also I watched the first BSG webisode last night and OMG SERIOUSLY I NEED MY SHOW BACK RIGHT FRAKKING NOW. Oh I am going to cry like a baby because this is the end, but I NEED IT.
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I had an incredibly odd dream this morning after I shut off the alarm and let myself sleep in, involving skiing, my dad, green rings pulsating out of the sun, and enormous robots that were destroying the huge city that lay sprawled beneath the ski slope.

I found myself on top of the ski slope with no skiis and was starting to slide down the mountain, but I kept going on all these different trails that had the same names as the trails from Windham Mountain where I used to ski, but were totally different. I had ski boots on and was traversing my way back and forth but never actually moving down the hill.

Then my dad showed up and I was helping him with his ski patrol stuff, tying off ropes and things like that. I looked down over the sprawling city below and saw the sun but it was all black except for a ring of bright green around the outside, and bright green rings were pulsating away from it almost like a cartoon stun gun. I noticed someone in front of me taking pictures of something behind me, and looked back to see the dark sky light with an eerie purple light. I remember being confused, why was he taking a picture of the purple when the green was so prominet? And then I looked back down over the city and saw huge robots moving around the city destroying things, and I though, oh my god, I am watching the destruction of the human race and it's just like a movie. Cars were being thrown around, fires were burning everywhere, and the sun kept pulsating.

And then my dad and I ended up in a hotel room trying to figure out what to do, I was freaking out and wanted to go help but didn't know how and then it turned out the room we were in belonged to someone else so we had to leave and then Anne Heche was there and there were socks all over the floor. And then I woke up.



I find that when I have as vivid a dream as this one, where everything is very detailed and feels very real, it opens the floodgates and lets me remember past dreams that were also just as vivid. I feel like I should keep a dream journal just for fun, to see what kinds of crazy things my mind comes up with.
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So I finally got off my increasingly-fat butt and joined a gym today. I went down to Bally Total Fitness on Clark because they had a 2-week free guest pass, and the guy gave me his spiel about the place and I decided to go ahead and join. The club is super huge and really nice, tons of treadmills and ellipitcals, a track running around the whole facility, even a pool. Way bigger and better than LA Fitness.

Of course, bigger and better comes with a price. Apparently that is the one thing LA has over Chicago - gyms here are at least twice as much. Actually, most of the gyms here run around $80 or $90 a month, which is kinda of crazy. I was paying $30 at LA Fitness, and now I'm paying $60 for Bally. I could've paid less if I signed a 2 year contract, but doing month to month instead was only a $10 difference and I am SCARED of a 2 year commitment to anything, especially a gym. It was a little more down but this way if I want to quit I can, say, if I get a job that's nowhere near one of the clubs or if I can find a better deal somewhere else, and there won't be crazy fees if I do. Plus, hi, COMMITMENT PHOBE. I am so weird, give me a relationship and I will give it my all, balls to the walls, but a 2 year contract or a full time job? I don't think so.

I was going to look into the gym Adam goes to, but he was pretty adamant about me not joining there for whatever reason (it's pricey at $90 a month, he pays less because he gets a Second City discount, there's only one so if I get a job that's far away it won't be convenient, they make you sign at least a year contract, blah blah blah) and contrary to popular belief, I CAN take a hint, so Bally it is. It's also in the same building where Anna has her Aveda Institute classes so I can go visit her as well.

I have an appointment with a personal trainer on Thursday, and I'm finally going to learn how to start weight training. I need to tone up my arms and back now that my abs are under control. Plus there are yoga classes that I'd like to start going to, and I should not be this excited about being able to work out again but I am. I've missed it in the month or so I've been away from the gym. WOW I never thought I'd say that, but it's true. I did 3 miles on the treadmill today, half walking and half running, kind of an easy workout since it has been a while and I didn't want to hurt myself. Time to kick it into high gear.

I had the zaney idea of actually getting up with Adam and going to the gym at 5:30 in the morning. We'll see if that ever comes to fruition. I have dedication, but there is a line I don't know I can cross. But it might be nice to get up and go and get my energy up first thing. Better than sleeping in every morning and having crazy dreams. I keep wondering where said dreams are coming from - I've had so many in the last week that I actually remember, which rarely happens. It must be my sleeping pattern, when I go back to sleep after he leaves I don't think it's a deep sleep and that's when they come.

Last night we ate a whole pizza by ourselves. That may have been the final motivator in joining the gym.

We've been watching this show called Black Books for the last few nights, and oh my Lord is it hilarious. Mark, I'm sure you've heard of it, it came out back in 2000. So far it's had every single cast member from Shaun of the Dead guest star, the guy who played David in SotD is the lead actor and head writer of the show. It's hilarious, I highly recommend it. I still have to watch this week's BSG, hopefully it downloaded correctly.

We're going to a show tonight, I think, and Anna's back in town so there were rumblings about drinking. Someone please get Lil' Kim's Magic Stick out of my head. It's making me blush.
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I woke up this morning (for the second time, after Adam left) to snow. And then the sun came out, and now it's cloudy but looking to break.

I would very much like to get out of the house today, but there is laundry to do right now.

Also, I had a dream about a fancy hotel with peach colored walls and beautiful bathrooms, and Josh and Adam and I embarking on yet another trip, and then suddenly I was on a boardwalk watching people enjoy the ocean before I was whisked away to take a test that I had not at all prepared for. My handwriting was horrible, but I think I managed to bs my way through the essay.

And now it's defintiely sunny out.
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Why am I still awake?

I seem to be asking myself that a lot lately.

My right wrist is killing me. From lifting all the bottles on Sunday, you pervs. Seriously, it's sore and achy and I had to carefully lift all the bottles out of the speed rack today instead of being the fast, awesome bartender I usually am. I did make a hell of a lot of drinks, I guess it makes sense. But DAMN.

So I bought Rescue Me Seasons 1 and 2 tonight at Best Buy because I deserve things that I want. And they were on sale, and I love that show to pieces. So now I can send back the rest of my Netflix and get BSG 2.5 because I hate hate HATE watching stuff on my computer. Which Adam pointed out I will have to do once I move because he DOES NOT HAVE TV OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO.

Right. I leave in 8 days. Umm, weird? I am getting super excited for Vegas. And then vaguely nervous about the rest of it.

I also bought hair dye because the red is coming out and it looked fucking awesome and I want it to be fucking awesome again. Tomorrow I have a lot to do, the dye, the bank, the gym, calling a gyno to get an appointment for the day before I leave (nothing like doing stuff at the last minute, huh?), figuring out bills, and lunch with Caroline. She's leaving on Wednesday for Virginia and won't be back before I go. I'm really going to miss her.

We watched Studio 60 tonight. I loved it. Amanda Peet is awesome and let me count how many ways I love Matthew Perry. Another show I have to figure out how to download. Seriously. This whole no TV thing is not going to work for me.

I'm exhausted, and I had a dream about Bruce, the shark from Jaws last night, that turned into some Survivor thing and then we had dinner at my old English teacher's house. It was really weird. I don't like dreaming about big giant sharks that eat people. In my dream I kept comparing it to The Life of Pi. I think there was a tiger involved. And lots of drippy caves.



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