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It's my last day at Rusty's. I can't believe it's finally here.

You know how you can plan and prepare and wish for something for months, and then when it finally comes you're still shocked and nervous and excited? That's what the past week has been for me. I just - I've loved working at this place, I adore the people I work with, I've learned so much. Saying goodbye is going to be really really hard. Thankfully that's not until Monday, when I go for the last time to get drunk and listen to bad karaoke and if they get me drunk enough I'm going to sing Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac because I firmly believe that we are all free to.

Randomly...when does VM premiere online?

but oh, this desert life
this high life
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Why am I still awake?

I seem to be asking myself that a lot lately.

My right wrist is killing me. From lifting all the bottles on Sunday, you pervs. Seriously, it's sore and achy and I had to carefully lift all the bottles out of the speed rack today instead of being the fast, awesome bartender I usually am. I did make a hell of a lot of drinks, I guess it makes sense. But DAMN.

So I bought Rescue Me Seasons 1 and 2 tonight at Best Buy because I deserve things that I want. And they were on sale, and I love that show to pieces. So now I can send back the rest of my Netflix and get BSG 2.5 because I hate hate HATE watching stuff on my computer. Which Adam pointed out I will have to do once I move because he DOES NOT HAVE TV OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO.

Right. I leave in 8 days. Umm, weird? I am getting super excited for Vegas. And then vaguely nervous about the rest of it.

I also bought hair dye because the red is coming out and it looked fucking awesome and I want it to be fucking awesome again. Tomorrow I have a lot to do, the dye, the bank, the gym, calling a gyno to get an appointment for the day before I leave (nothing like doing stuff at the last minute, huh?), figuring out bills, and lunch with Caroline. She's leaving on Wednesday for Virginia and won't be back before I go. I'm really going to miss her.

We watched Studio 60 tonight. I loved it. Amanda Peet is awesome and let me count how many ways I love Matthew Perry. Another show I have to figure out how to download. Seriously. This whole no TV thing is not going to work for me.

I'm exhausted, and I had a dream about Bruce, the shark from Jaws last night, that turned into some Survivor thing and then we had dinner at my old English teacher's house. It was really weird. I don't like dreaming about big giant sharks that eat people. In my dream I kept comparing it to The Life of Pi. I think there was a tiger involved. And lots of drippy caves.

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I was hungover for a good part of the day, and of course we were super busy. That always happens to me! To be honest, though, I'd rather be busy and hungover than standing around thinking about how hungover I am. Danielle, Aimee and Anna were all there suffering with me so it wasn't that bad, and it was just a madhouse today so it took my mind off it. I sold $2000 on the bar, which is crazy. Thank God, I finally made good money which is so what I needed with only 5 shifts at Rusty's remaining. I worked 9 and a half hours total, with no breaks for bathroom or food. I am exhausted.

Last night was a lot of fun though. I'm not a club person, but the place was really nice and the music was great and we all looked hot. I figured out I had 4 shots, 3 beers, and 3 Ciroc/Red Bulls. And no dinner. No wonder I was so trashed. I don't even remember getting into the car or most of the ride home, just puking out the window with the wind blowing in my face as we drove down Hollywood. I'm so classy, seriously. And then I puked on the neighbor's steps when we got home. My girls put me to bed and I didn't move until I woke up. Crazy.

Know what else is crazy? I only have a week and a half left. It still hasn't hit me, but I'm starting to get apprehensive. New town, new job, new friends. God, I'm going to miss my girls.

Okay, I'm totally out of it and my nose is running and I have to work tomorrow morning. It's bedtime. With maybe an episode of Rescue Me first. Or BSG. I have to finish S2 before S3 starts.

Oh, and I am so totally loving Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars. Seriously. Where have these guys been all my life?

I love this icon.
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The last Thursday night in the concert series.

I look less like I am going to work and more like I am headed to a party at the Playboy mansion.

crazy life

Aug. 15th, 2006 06:08 pm
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We went out on Sunday night, as my friend Whitney is going back home to Florida because she's going to school in Paris in September. We headed to Barney's after work for some dinner and drinks, and everyone got carded and I looked at my friends' IDs and realized I WAS THE OLDEST PERSON THERE.

I do not like being the oldest person around. Especially when I am out with my girlfriends drinking.

In 6 weeks I will be 23. I AM OLD NOW OMG. Heh. And when people ask, I still always slip and say 21. And then I look like an idiot when I blubber and go, no wait, I'm 22.

I don't like this.

Of course, a few weeks ago when [livejournal.com profile] torchthisnow and I went to CPK, we ordered drinks and I'm the one that got carded. That was amusing.

Oh, randomly, does anyone have Placebo's "Infrared" that they'd be willing to send me? I heard it on the radio and now I want it.

Also, Urban Outfitters had my shoes on sale, so I got them for $34 instead of $68!! I love sales. I got them in black, and I love them. They are beautiful, and they make me tall, and I'm going to be good and break them in slowly so as not to get even more blisters on my already-blistered feet.
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So a woman came into the restaurant today, sat on the back patio, and ordered herself two glasses of chardonnay. And then she asked if we could please turn off Fleetwood Mac and put on love songs from the '80s.

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Fun things that happened tonight...

A creepy guy asked for my number. A lot. Seriously, take a hint.

Another creepy guy asked if I remembered the band from last week, said they were his friends and that I should hang out with them. Dude. Using your friends' band to get chicks? LAME.

The third creepy dude not only hit on me, but also implied I was a slut based on what I was wearing. His comment was something along the lines of, "do they make you wear that? When did this start?" and then went on to imply that I looked really slutty. No, asshole, I'm hot and I worked damn hard to get the body I have now, of course I'm going to show it off so drunk morons like you give me your money. My boss tells me to wear black. I take that and make an outfit out of a long low cut black tank top and booty shorts. Don't call me a whore because you're jealous.

Ugh. I am so sick of men.

ETA (cuz I forgot...) So the guy who asked for my number ALSO asked if it had been me in the parking lot late last Friday night. He said he waved to me as he was leaving and thought that I'd seen him and smiled back. I had to polietly explain that yes, that was me, drunk and angry in the parking lot at 2 in the morning, and no I did not see him because I was, as I said, drunk and angry and in the middle of a huge fight in said parking lot.

Note to self: the best place for a talk like that is NOT the Santa Monica Beach/Pier Parking Lot on a Friday night. Especially when the talk involves loud voices, cursing, and ballroom dancing.

My life is weird sometimes.


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