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Things I am currently obsessed with:

__tea tree oil. Seriously. I can't get enough of the tea tree oil smell. I rub it on my chest and arms every night before I go to bed so I can fall asleep smelling it. MMMM it's so delicious.

__Lady Gaga. Don't ask me why. Poker Face is awesome. Acoustic Poker Face, with just Gaga on the piano, is brilliant. Stop looking at me like that, it IS. Go to YouTube and see for yourself. I want to take a ride on your disco stick. FUCK YEAH.

__my body. Not in a good way. I let myself go a little after being so good about eating well and working out. I'm slowly getting back to where I want to be but it's a process.

__spring. How come on my days off it isn't sunny and 80? I get 50 and rain. Over it.

__the perfect dress for Stacy's wedding. It's out there. I must find it.

__summer movie previews. Terminator Salvation looks AWESOME. Transformers 2 looks decent. Star Trek looks sick. Harry Potter makes me giddy. GI Joe looks pretty awesome. Public Enemies looks fan-frakkking-tastic. Give me stuff that gets blown up and I am happy.

__Neil Gaiman. I am simultaneously Sandman Vol. 4 and Fragile Things. He is just brilliant.

__pop music. Somebody stop me.

__Starbuck and Apollo. What else is new? Oh PILOTS. You can frak on a table anytime.
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Well I got nothing done today that I wanted because I came home from lunch and laid down because I was tired and I never get to nap because I usually work 12 hour days with no time to go home in between. It was nice, but I had a lot to do around the house because it is pretty much a mess, and none of it got done. Luckily I am off tomorrow and have no plans other than probably being hungover from Blackjack at Adam's tonight, and I can definitely clean with a hangover.

I miss BSG. THIS interview just popped up of Jamie at the Jules Verne Festival and it made my heart hurt even as it soothed it. I love how he sees Lee, and Lee and Kara, and I love hearing him speak so intelligently about the character. Also, the man speaks fluent French. Good lord he is so frakking attractive. Anyway, for those out there still trying to heal, go watch the interview. At the end...he understands. She's his angel. Beautiful. I miss my pilots.

More and more Tori songs are leaking from the new album, and I am getting more excited for it. Give sounds fantastic, very Choirgirl/Venus. Welcome to England has been in my regular rotation. It's getting to be that time where I listen to Scarlet's Walk obsessively for a few weeks. That record always makes me think of spring for some reason, and seems to move through the seasons of summer and end in fall with Gold Dust. Yes, it is definitely time for some Tori taking over my life. I can't wait to see her in concert this summer.

I need to shower. I don't think Felicia is eating and I do not relish trying to feed her with a dropper like the doc showed me. She won't take it. Ugh. Most of the food was gone this morning though so maybe she just isn't hungry right now. She is definitely acting like her normal self a lot more than she was, so that's good. Abby still won't go near her. The two of them are on opposite corners of the bed right now, staring at each other warily. Weird.


Apr. 21st, 2009 01:45 pm
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Man, I have a lot of clothes. I am currently going through my wardrobe to weed it out, in an admitted half-assed attempt at Spring Cleaning. I finally put together my new dresser for IKEA and instead of just filling it with clothes that will never get worn, I am going through everything I own. The Salvation Army is going to have a field day with all this.

I am also trying to finally be an adult and get rid of all the stuff I have from high school that I will never ever wear anymore because it just doesn't fit right. Man, some of the stuff I got away with wearing back then amazes me! It was all tits and ass even with the dress code we had to abide by. Oh, the good old days. Now when I dress slutty I have to make sure it does not result in me having muffin tops or showing off the backs of my thighs too much. Getting old sucks.

I have a coffee table! I finally feel like my apartment is done. Only took 2 years! I am debating whether or not I want to paint, especially in my bedroom. I need to get more of my photos printed and hung up, maybe then it will seem a little less bare. I'm on the lookout for funky pieces and stuff but I don't really know what kind of theme I want, y'know? So far it's just dance and a poster from home. Something to work on.

Also, I want a pole but I have nowhere to put it. I've wanted to take poledancing classes for FOREVER but they don't fit into my schedule because they're all on the weekends. Weekends do not work for me. My friend Jameela just bought one and now I realllllllllly want one. Sadly, there is really nowhere to put it as my living room is pretty crowded as is. I must meditate on it, I can make it work, I know it.

I spent the weekend in horrible pain thanks to cramps. At least that meant no babies, but when I say horrible, I mean I was literally up all night on Friday because I couldn't sleep. Clearly something is very wrong and I'm gonna have to go back to the doc. Looks like a D&C is more and more likely. Yikes. Not really into it but if it makes my period go back to normal, I'm in. You should see the stuff that was coming out of my body, it was like an ecological disaster. Not fun.

I need a new header. It will still be Kara and Lee because hello, OTP LOVE, but it's time for something new. Guess I should get Photoshop installed so I can play, huh?

Right. Back to work.
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I am on my way to the gym, I couldn't sit home anymore and think about and read about BSG anymore. I literally got 3 hours of sleep last night because I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I have read so many people's reactions and I am still conflicted. )

The reason for my bus post is I am sitting in front of a family and the son was telling a story about how he lived in a bad neighborhood and someone stole their porch swing. That's how I feel.

Someone stole my porch swing.
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This is my first time.

01. Rocky Took a Lover / BellX1
He said "I'll shine for you / I'll burn for you / Yeah, I'll shine for you / that's what I'll do"

02. Your Heart is an Empty Room / Death Cab for Cutie
Burn it down till the embers smoke on the ground / And start new when your heart is an empty room

03. A Rush of Blood to the Head / Coldplay
All the movements you're starting to make / See me crumble and fall on my face / And I know the mistakes that I made / See it all disappear without a trace

04. I Could Stay Away Forever / Snow Patrol
I could stay away forever if I tried / if I tried / if I

05. Bang Bang / Armchair Cynics
So let's make a mess / Tear up these sheets / Every whisper you speak sends shivers through me / Oh I go off like a gun

06. I Hope Your Heart Runs Empty / Neverending White Lights
Of any moment, ever stolen, don't take this one / As my heart runs empty now I realize / What I want would never surface otherwise / I hope your heart runs empty and you realize / Hold on to this hope

07. Pilots / Goldfrapp
It's just the sound of you and me / Time twitching / Murmurs of our friendly machine / We're pilots watching stars

08. Casting Aside / Rouge Traders
Cause I have fallen / From high places / And you don't know the / The way you touch me / I need one moment / To say you love me

09. Pretty Target / Levellers
I won't let you down / No I won't let you down / You're such a pretty target for this world to kick around

10. One More Night / Stars
He starts with her back / Cause that's what he sees / When she's breaking his heart / She still fucks like a tease

11. Combat Baby / Metric
No one here wants to fight me like you do / Combat baby / come back, baby

12. Leave the Pieces / The Wreckers
Don't concern yourself / With this mess you've left for me / I can clean it up, you see / Just as long as you're gone

13. Let's Trade Skins / Great Lake Swimmers
I’m hypnotized by the flicker / and saddened by the ash / And it's complicated with desires and dreams / With stitches and battle scars / pulling apart at the seams

14. Last Year's War / Sarah Slean
You're still bloody from last year's war / Your bandages, your bullet holes like mine / And I'm here with my stars out / You say you're scared / well so am I

15. I'll See Your Heart and I'll Raise You Mine / BellX1
and this time they hold their gaze for too long / Now they're playing poker / and this time it's the angel who says / "I'll see your heart and I'll raise you mine"


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