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I am so very bad at updating this thing lately. I don't know why, a lot's been going on. I just have no drive to write about it all. There's everything with Adam, my Mom's visit out here, all my plans for the rest of the summer... It's funny because I'm on here all the time, I just can't make myself write.

I've been editing the pictures I took while my mom was here because I FINALLY managed to steal acquire Photoshop CS5. I've missed it so. The photos came out AWESOME, if I do say so myself. When they're all online, I'll link to them and post a few here. I start my work week in about 5 hours, which then means I really don't get much time to myself until Sunday night. I don't mind, I REALLY need the cash. Here's hoping we pick back up, the last few weeks have been unbearable.
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I owe everyone thanks for your warm well wishes in the aftermath of surgery and fibroid expelling. Seriously, you all made my heart smile. Thank you for being here for me, always.


This has been the easiest, most amazing period I've had in 2 years. I'd really like to keep it this way for forever.


In pole this week, I learned how to do a Layout - hang upside down on the pole using only my thighs to hold me there. HARD. Also, awesome. Note to self: don't go to class hungover EVER. P.S. especially don't go upside down a lot. It was good to sweat it all out, though.


I told myself I'd go grocery shopping and to the gym today. I did neither. Now I have to shower and get ready for work. I did some crunches and push ups, though, and I've been eating well and drinking a ton of water as per my urologist's orders. I do need to cut back on the sodium even more though, I've been bad about that.


Right. No more discussions at [livejournal.com profile] no_takebacks about how great the table flashback scene is. Shower, eat, work. I've got two doubles in a row staring tomorrow, both of which I open and close the bar. I need all the energy I can get.
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I will make my New Year's Eve post tomorrow night, which I do every year, so it'll really be a New Year's Day post because I know I won't get home before midnight.

That's okay, I spent $300 on underwear and lingerie from Victoria's Secret, I need to work all day to cover it. No more big spending after this. I have everything I want so I'm good. Jeans, boots, new clothes, makeup, etc. Well, there is one more thing I will buy, and that's the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows from Urban Decay. But it isn't out yet so I can't get it.

Anyway. I think I'm getting sick again. I napped on Adam's couch for half an hour after I picked him up from the airport because I was so tired, and I felt all lethargic and crummy tonight. I went out briefly to my friend Matt's house to ring in New Year's Eve since we all have to work tomorrow and didn't drink because I felt nauseous. That might have been the Chinese though.

Note to self: take your iron tomorrow!!! You just lost a lot of blood, you need every bit right now.

Falling asleep typing. Goodnight, last night of 2009.

blah blah

Dec. 11th, 2009 12:37 am
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My throat is scratchy and I was vaguely nauseous at work all night. Guess who can't afford to get sick? ME.

Especially after my shopping spree during my break today. The good news is Christmas shopping is 99% done, AND I got a sweet new digital camera for me! Bless Best Buy and their "spend $250 on your Best Buy card and get no interest for 18 months." YES PLEASE. I've been needing a new camera and I got this. I have a Nikon that I've been using and it sucks. I'll probably sell it on ebay beacuse really, what else am I gonna do with it?

Anyway, shopping is almost done, wrapping will commence Monday so I can get it into the mail so it can be at my parents' house for Christmas. If I can't be there with the fam, and least my gifts can be!

My hands hurt. They are so dried out and cracked, my knuckles actually split the other night from over-washing. It can't be helped as a bartender, but man, it sucks.

I need pjs, water, and bed. And for it to not me 2 degrees when I wake up tomorrow. Winter, you suck.
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My house is a mess. Therefore, it feels like my life is a mess.

Tuesday. I can clean Tuesday. I WILL clean Tuesday. Tuesday is errand and cleaning day. I decree it. Also, ultrasound is Tuesday. JOY. Please let them figure out what is wrong. Please?

Work killed me dead yesterday. I had delusions of grandeur of hitting the gym today, and then I couldn't even keep my eyes open and kept falling back into weird dreams. In one scene, Adam was eating steak and drinking red wine in a swimming pool and he fed me some. Then I poured gingerbread bubble bath into the hot tub.

Then we were outside a dark warehouse on a rainsoaked night.

Then we were walking into a beautiful house in the mountains that apparently belonged to my mom, who was mad at me because I brought Adam with me. I put on Monty Python to keep him occupied while I sorted stuff out with her (which involved no talking, just her walking around the corner ahead of me with her back to me every time I approached her). When I got back to Adam, a bunch of the people from Monty Python were in the room with him, critiquing the show.

Then I was going to take him back to Rochester and we stopped at the grocery store where he started making these 3 foot long subs, slathering mayonnaise on them. Then suddenly there were zombies in the grocery store and we had to fight them.

Then I finally woke up.


My dreams have been very very vivid lately. The other night I had a dream about a trip we were on, sight seeing, and there was a beautiful waterfall that suddenly turned golden as we watched it, and I tried to get pictures but my camera wouldn't work. Then we went to see a play and Hugh Jackman was in it and the end is an image that seared itself into my brain: a forest of brilliant golds and pinks and just a hint of green, Hugh on an altar in the middle, dead, and suddenly a woman's face appears enormously behind him like a ghost or a witch. She cackled and her hair whipped in her face and I tried to take pictures of that too because I thought it really was haunted but again my camera wouldn't work. And then I went up to Hugh and told him I thought he did a great job. Because in my dreams about Hugh Jackman, apparently all I do is tell him how great he is. SIGH.

They stayed with me all day. Very vivid visuals, almost like something out of What Dreams May Come, that same visual style. Very weird, but cool. I love my dreams. They are always so interesting, and I love that I know I'm in a dream but they still feel real, too.

Could you imagine if it were possible to turn dreams into movies? Real actual dreams as you're having them. How terrifying would they be?


Well this wasn't supposed to turn into a dream post, but it did. Sorry friends. I need to go get ready for work and stop at Walgreens for a bag of bite size Snickers. I will not get through tonight with it.

Also trying to figure out my pole dancing song for tomorrow. WE GET TO CLIMB TOMORROW!!!! I have been waiting for this! And in two weeks, we get to go upside down! I feel like the whole world is going to open up when that happens. So excited. Also a reason why I think it's best I didn't go to the gym today, I will need all the energy I can get tomorrow.

But songs...I don't know. Maybe some Jimi Hendrix. Or Paula Cole's Feelin' Love. We'll see. I am going to make a list of all the songs, for me, because I am lame like that. :P

Makeup. Hair. Action.
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I really should make an effort to write down the dumb shit people say to me...like this woman tonight.

"Why is there so much ice in my drink?"

Cuz you ain't gettin more liquor if there is less ice, you stupid bitch. Seriously. Where do these people come from? Was it a full moon tonight? I don't get it.


Sep. 27th, 2009 12:24 am
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Might have to skip pole tomorrow. :(

This is the first I've ever taken off at Bandera for being sick. I will work through anything. Especially pain. But this...I came home from work this afternoon (cuz I still worked the morning, just took the night off) and crashed for 3 hours. Didn't even move. I'm headed back to bed now. It hurts to breathe. This sucks.


Sep. 9th, 2009 11:16 pm
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New hair!!

More behind the cut )
Sorry for the crap quality, I took them on my Blackberry. I am so in love with it! It needed to be cut so badly.

I spent 3 hours today playing DC Universe Vs. Mortal Kombat with Adam. It was awesome. I was actually pretty good, which is surprising because usually I really suck with video games. I mean, I can't even play MarioKart. Apparently I can kick lots of ass, though.

We also watched the first 3 episodes of Dexter S3 last night...I really like it! I've read complaints about the season as a whole, but I think it's off to a good start. Very different from the previous 2 seasons, but I think S1 and S2 were very different from each other so I'm okay with it. Can't wait to see where it goes, Jimmy Smits gives me the chills!

I stuffed myself with Chinese food. I need to knock it off with the junk food, pronto. I've been bad about the gym, and while pole dancing has been kicking my ass, it only happens once a week and is not enough to sustain me. I like being thin, I've worked really hard over the last 6 months and I will not throw it away now. I keep having to give myself that pep talk. Of course, after what I ate today, I never want to see food again, so hopefully it will prove unnecessary.

I am so obsessed with essential oils. I spent a ton of money today at Whole Foods buying the essentials (ha), along with sweet almond oil so I have a base to make massage oils. I'm using The Complete Guide to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, plus the Aura Cacia website. It's all fascinating to me. I love scents. I developed an obsession with tea tree oil months ago, I have a feeling it won't take much to become addicted to the whole of aromatherapy. Now I just need to get a special box for all my oils.

I need to retrieve and fold my laundry, pack my bag for tomorrow, and hit the hay. Wednesday is my Sunday and I've been extra tired lately, I could use an extra hour or so of sleep. I've been getting frustrated with work lately, I need to take a deep breath, remember how lucky I am to have such a good job, and smile. The rest is just chicken and cornbread.
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I'm sad that I wasn't able to go the Air and Water Show, because I went last year and had a blast.

It would've been nice to be in my bikini snapping photos, but instead I was at work, where it was dead. I took off on my break under the pretense of buying red bull, and am sitting outside the Tribune Building listening to the planes from the show fly overhead, thinking that this is something some people hear all the time but to them it isn't for show, it's a sign of danger. How far removed it seems from here.

Right. Sugar free red bull. Tomorrow will be longer. Up at 8:30, pole dancing class (first one!) from 10 to 12, work from 1:30 to who know, then time for drinking with Jinny. I'm tired just thinking about it.
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I frakked my shoulder good last night. OWW THE PAIN.

Also, the crazy dreams continue. A few nights ago it was voyeuristic (watching Adam and Jacqui have sex, REAL FUN LET ME TELL YA). Last night it was action (a plane landing too fast and crashing into a hill, no exploding but still scary as hell). What is up with my mind? Last night also included a TV show that was pretty awesome, and I want the next episode! Weird.

Work has eaten my life for the past few days, but it's been profitable which is really nice. We got ranked at work again, and I am #2! I was shocked, I've been right up there but staying around #4/#5 for the past few months. But #2! Frakking sweet. (For those who don't know, I work in a restaurant and they rank all the servers every two months. The Top Ten ranked servers get a $200 bonus, the best sections, etc.) We found out this is the last month of the bonus though, I guess the recession has finally hit Hillstone. Sucks, that extra $200 has been sweet. Oh well. I'll still take the good sections/best bar shifts as long as I can get em.

I was going to go to the gym today but my shoulder is, as I said, frakked, and I don't think I could lift my arm to put a shirt on, let alone a weight. Instead I'm going to tidy up and do the floors so I don't have to clean on my days off, so they can be spent at Haven's pool or the beach or just outside in general.

I am waiting to get my S1 BSG dvds back from Maile so I can start the rewatch. Can't wait for the blu rays to come out at the end of the month! They are going to cost a pretty penny but I don't care, I want them. I miss my show.
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It's been almost 24 hours since my Valentine's Day shift ended, and I STILL feel like I got hit by a truck. My body HURTS. I am old.
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BSG last night was like Gilmore Girls in space. Omg could they talk any faster and cram any more in? Must rewatch - I really enjoyed it but I feel I missed a lot. I liked how it harkened back to Downloaded in format.
So the Chicago Auto Show starts today, which I imagine is going to be very interesting this year. Like instead of being full of cars, McCormick Place will just have one fold out table in the center of it with a jar marked "donations" resting on top. Should be interesting to see how many people are actually in town for it.

Work is going to be a nightmare. We are booked solid from 4 til 11, on this day we in the biz not so affectionately call Amateur Night. Remember, if you can't afford to tip 20%, you can't afford to eat there. Pray for me.
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I just passed a bus that Yoda programmed: the marquee had "My kind of town/Chicago is" scrolling across it as it drove down Michigan Ave. Hee! I love this city.

Back to work. Sigh. I know I need the money and I picked up tonight intentionally so I could make a few extra bucks but man, I do not want to go in. I'm early, I think I might need to hit up Walgreens for some sugar that'll rot my teeth.
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Work sucked. $34 is not okay with me. Please don't let this be my entire January.

The fam is gone. It was really nice having them. The house is very quiet. I think I need to curl up in bed and put my sleep mix on my iPod and decompress.

Just be.
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Yesterday at work, the front doors broke. And by broke, I mean one fell off its hinge and smashed into the other and they both shattered.

During our lunch rush.

Oh yesterday was a special day. And then about 20 minutes later corporate came in, and they haven't been here since like August. I love when these things just come together so beautifully, don't you?

I was supposed to get up and go to the gym but I overslept and dreamt about cockroaches and puppies instead. WTF? I slept for almost 12 hours. Clearly I needed it. It's been a long week. Only two more shifts, then I finally get two days off.

Also I watched the first BSG webisode last night and OMG SERIOUSLY I NEED MY SHOW BACK RIGHT FRAKKING NOW. Oh I am going to cry like a baby because this is the end, but I NEED IT.
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My wrist hurts. I guess working a 17 hour day with a 20 minute break will do that?

*falls over*


Three fire trucks and the cops just pulled onto my street. Weird. A bunch of firefighters went into the building across the street. I hope everything is okay.


Oct. 13th, 2008 12:57 am
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So my 14 hour days turned out to be 16 hour days, and I still have a cold.

BUT I did get to see my friends last night when I should have gone home and to bed and I only had half a beer and drove a very drunk Adam and Ted home feeling like a soccer mom the whole way because they were in the backseat punching each other. Boys are weird. And then there was a game of dirty Simon Says which was fun! And too little sleep, but not because of *that* kind of fun...because clearly my body still hates me. I go on Yaz next week. Woo!

I have one more five hour shift tomorrow, and then two glorious days off. I need a break. I am drained.

I am watching Planet Earth and OMG baby bears are the cutest things EVER! I want! Maybe I can teach the cats to be as cute as baby bears. Wish me luck.

One day I will make a post of substance that encompasses the last, oh, two months. Oops.


Oct. 9th, 2008 11:18 pm
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I am coming down with a cold and I am working two 14 hour days back to back.

I wasted my afternoon and evening and night fucking around online instead of cleaning my house. At least I changed the cat litter and did the dishes. I should go to bed, I'm tired. Maybe I'll put BSG on my iPod and read Watchmen for a while and then pass the eff out.

I really wish I'd cleaned up and put stuff away. I feel so much better when I come home to a clean house after work. Oh well.
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I have been spending SO much money lately. It's bad; I need to stop. In the last few weeks I have hit up the Victoria's Secret sale twice for new panties, two new bras and two dresses; Hollister for four pairs of shorts, two pairs for biking and two of the longer length for hanging out and a pair of sweat pants; Express for two shirts (on sale!); Sephora for some new makeup; Guess for a new dress; and Aldo for new shoes. Seriously. I HAVE A PROBLEM.

But look at how pretty my dresses are!! )

Still. Need to cut back on the spending. Yikes.

Other than that, I've been WORKING. So really, I can absolutely justify the spending, because my last paycheck was for 100 hours of work for the past two weeks. Not that I mind, or am complaining, but I am tired. Every night I come home and pass right out. I woke up today at noon after going to sleep at 2. My back hurts from biking with my backpack to work every day, too. I really need a massage.

Oh well. Like I said, I'm not going to complain about the extra hours because it means extra cash for me.

I just need to start enjoying summer a little more. I want to hit the beach a lot more, hit up Haven's pool, hang out with my friends and drink a lot. I know work will slow down in the next few weeks as we have a ton of people in training to deal with all the open shifts.

I also have not gotten my IRS stimulus check yet. I am calling them on Monday. I want my money!!

This is a very materialistic post, Y/Y?


I really need to clean the house before I go to the gym. Seriously. It is a mess. It's sad that I clean the restaurant more than my own place. Maybe I should hire a housekeeper.

Me about to cause some trouble.
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I don't know why, but my Diva Cup has been fucking up for the last few days. I love the thing dearly, and everyone out there who doesn't have one needs to get one. It just needs to start cooperating a little more. I don't like being paranoid about it.

Anyway, sorry for that. Had to get it off my chest. Like I said, the Kids in the Hall show was a blast. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. And it was nice to see the girls again, it's been a while since we've all been together. It might have been too soon to see Adam, I can't really tell. We were fine, and things weren't weird, but I think I need more distance before we can really hang in any capacity other than talking one on one. Maybe I'm just overthinking again. It was nice to see him. I think this whole fight is the best thing that could've happened to us. Maybe we really can be friends after all this.

I think I'm late for work. We finally got our new computer system put in, they've only been promising us for a year and a half that we'd get it. We've had the same system since the company opened in 1977. There is now only one man in the country who can fix them, and he's 70. It was time, no?

Here's my stop.


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