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I feel like I should update, but I don't really have anything to report. The hot days of summer are melting away into the dog days of summer and I'm just not ready for this to be over. I love summer, I love the heat and the humidity and the sun and late nights drinking wine on the deck and being able to just walk out the door by slipping my feet into my flip flops and my finger into my key ring.

I am not ready for fall. It was mostly dark when I left class last night at 8, and it hit me that it's only going to get worse from here on out. Soon I'll be heading to class in the dark. Maybe that's why winter always seems so long, because I exist so much in darkness.

I'll certainly be busy this fall, though. I've got my photography class on Wednesdays from 1-4 starting September 15th and going to the end of October, and pole on Wednesdays from 6-8. I'm waiting on my schedule from work, I don't think it's changing a whole lot but my Saturday shift may be moved earlier. I've got a wedding in DC on September 11th which will be a blast, Adam and all our friends will be there so it'll be three days of partying in a hotel and drinking too much and getting to play dress up. I've got another wedding on October 11th, one of my best friends from college, which means I finally have no excuse not to get to NYC for a few days. I plan to be there from Sunday to Wednesday, it's been 2 years since I've been to the city to see my friends so I pretty much cannot wait for that. I should look into tickets...

Aside from that, I hope photography will take up a lot of time, and I'd really like to read those things they call books again. I'm working my way through Eat Pray Love and thoroughly enjoying it. Adam lent me Stephen Fry's The Hippopotamus, so maybe I'll read that next.

I want an iPad. I want a lot of things, actually. I've been pretty bad with money lately...spent a ton on makeup at Sephora, bought new clothes from Guess (they were having a sale! :D), bought my pole (!!!!). There's also a new lens for my camera that I want, a 50mm, and Urban Decay is coming out with a new Book of Shadows (I am a tad bit obsessed with makeup lately. I've been watching videos on YouTube and everything). Plus it's my sister's birthday coming up, and my mom's, and then my parents' anniversary, and then my birthday...September is a very expensive month in my family.

So yes, I did in fact buy my pole. It shipped out on Wednesday, apparently. I'm a little worried now though because I didn't actually check for support beams in the ceiling first, so I hope that I can get access to a ladder (waiting on the landlord for that) and figure that out in the next few days. It would be pretty tragic if I bought the pole and then couldn't actually put it up. The boys reassure me that the ceiling is plaster and will hold it anyway, but that's not really enough for me since I'm the one who's going to be hanging upside down from the thing.

Boot camp has been kicking my ass. I had it yesterday, then class afterwards. I AM SORE. My whole body hurts. This is good though, I've been pretty lazy lately. And eating like shit. And drinking a lot. Ahh summer.

Let's see...Adam and I saw Scott Pilgrim the other day and now I very much want these boots:

And I'm spent.
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I will make my New Year's Eve post tomorrow night, which I do every year, so it'll really be a New Year's Day post because I know I won't get home before midnight.

That's okay, I spent $300 on underwear and lingerie from Victoria's Secret, I need to work all day to cover it. No more big spending after this. I have everything I want so I'm good. Jeans, boots, new clothes, makeup, etc. Well, there is one more thing I will buy, and that's the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows from Urban Decay. But it isn't out yet so I can't get it.

Anyway. I think I'm getting sick again. I napped on Adam's couch for half an hour after I picked him up from the airport because I was so tired, and I felt all lethargic and crummy tonight. I went out briefly to my friend Matt's house to ring in New Year's Eve since we all have to work tomorrow and didn't drink because I felt nauseous. That might have been the Chinese though.

Note to self: take your iron tomorrow!!! You just lost a lot of blood, you need every bit right now.

Falling asleep typing. Goodnight, last night of 2009.

blah blah

Dec. 11th, 2009 12:37 am
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My throat is scratchy and I was vaguely nauseous at work all night. Guess who can't afford to get sick? ME.

Especially after my shopping spree during my break today. The good news is Christmas shopping is 99% done, AND I got a sweet new digital camera for me! Bless Best Buy and their "spend $250 on your Best Buy card and get no interest for 18 months." YES PLEASE. I've been needing a new camera and I got this. I have a Nikon that I've been using and it sucks. I'll probably sell it on ebay beacuse really, what else am I gonna do with it?

Anyway, shopping is almost done, wrapping will commence Monday so I can get it into the mail so it can be at my parents' house for Christmas. If I can't be there with the fam, and least my gifts can be!

My hands hurt. They are so dried out and cracked, my knuckles actually split the other night from over-washing. It can't be helped as a bartender, but man, it sucks.

I need pjs, water, and bed. And for it to not me 2 degrees when I wake up tomorrow. Winter, you suck.
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Just put my (fake) Christmas tree up. I hardly decorated last year and it was sad, so I stole Adam's fake tree cuz Ted likes to get a real one. It's big, and awesome, and I have colorful decorations and it is going to look awesome when it's done. Alas, I need more lights, so I can't put the bulbs on until I can hit Target again.

Here's hoping the cats don't destroy it.

The best part of my tree is that I have Yoda at the top as my guardian angel!! Oh yes. He even has a light saber that lights up. I win at Christmas.

I bought Tori's Christmas album, Midwinter Graces, but haven't given it a listen yet. Except for Pink and Glitter, which rules. I saw 2012 on Monday and it was AWESOME. I love disaster movies. I also bought Star Trek on blu ray because it is also awesome. I had some nice days off, doing some thinking. My head is a weird place right now.

Almost time to head to the doc to find out what we do about my fibroids. Cross your fingers that that's all it is!
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Loving my new journal layout!!! And the new name. Hope people recognize me (this is reeni928 with a new name!).

Spent about an hour cleaning up my tags because I had just too many for no reason. So now they are a little more manageable. The house is clean and smelling delicious. I am contemplating heading downtown for some retail therapy. I can't decide what I want to wear for my birthday. Do I go casual? Jeans? Leggings? Or do I attempt to find a new dress? Decisions decisions.

I figured out how to import my tweets over here, so those will be showing up daily around midnight. I know you're all very excited. I'm at twitter.com/serenavalenti if you're interested.

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I did some shopping this evening because, well, I wanted to, and I just had to get out of the house because it's so frakking hot. I ended up with The Last Unicorn and The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy from Borders, some wallflower plug-ins from Bath and Body Works, Dollhouse Season One on blu ray from Best Buy, and my birth control.

I haven't actually seen any of Dollhouse, but I figured I'd give it a try, and I wanted to buy something at Best Buy since I had rewards certificates to use. I am pissed at Deep Discount DVD, I ordered the Battlestar Galactica Complete Series blu rays from them when they came out two weeks ago, and logged on today so see that they are back ordered. FRAKKERS. Way to send me an email to let me know. I'm annoyed, I want my pilots NOW!! (Not that I don't already have all seasons but 4.5 on DVD. That is not that point!)

I reread the Half Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows and decided to start the series over from the very beginning, because I haven't read the first 5 books since they came out. I just finished Sorcerer's Stone and I love how much she has already set up. JK, I tip my hat to you. Starting Chamber of Secrets tonight as soon as my laundry is done and I can remake my bed. The house really needs to be cleaned in the morning.

I am having a Tori renaissance. I love it.

I wish I had the energy to take my bike, my iPod, and some wine to the beach tonight, but I am just too tired and fried from work this weekend. I think I will retire to my air conditioned bedroom with some Harry Potter and tea tree oil. My router is fucked so I can't bring my computer which is probably a good thing, so I can actually get some sleep tonight.


May. 12th, 2009 07:10 pm
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Okay friends, I need help.

I have been looking for a dress for Stacy's wedding, and let me tell ya, it's slim pickings out there!! I don't know what is wrong with designers lately but UGH. I've checked Guess, Marciano, Express, Nordstrom.

I finally found one on Nordstrom.com that I really like. But I need opinions. What do you guys think?


Like it? Hate it? I was thinking of pairing it with black Mary Jane pumps from Victoria's Secret.



Oct. 27th, 2008 12:21 am
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I just bought a BluRay!

I am going to collapse. I have worked 27 of the past 48 hours. I am going to bed.
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I have been spending SO much money lately. It's bad; I need to stop. In the last few weeks I have hit up the Victoria's Secret sale twice for new panties, two new bras and two dresses; Hollister for four pairs of shorts, two pairs for biking and two of the longer length for hanging out and a pair of sweat pants; Express for two shirts (on sale!); Sephora for some new makeup; Guess for a new dress; and Aldo for new shoes. Seriously. I HAVE A PROBLEM.

But look at how pretty my dresses are!! )

Still. Need to cut back on the spending. Yikes.

Other than that, I've been WORKING. So really, I can absolutely justify the spending, because my last paycheck was for 100 hours of work for the past two weeks. Not that I mind, or am complaining, but I am tired. Every night I come home and pass right out. I woke up today at noon after going to sleep at 2. My back hurts from biking with my backpack to work every day, too. I really need a massage.

Oh well. Like I said, I'm not going to complain about the extra hours because it means extra cash for me.

I just need to start enjoying summer a little more. I want to hit the beach a lot more, hit up Haven's pool, hang out with my friends and drink a lot. I know work will slow down in the next few weeks as we have a ton of people in training to deal with all the open shifts.

I also have not gotten my IRS stimulus check yet. I am calling them on Monday. I want my money!!

This is a very materialistic post, Y/Y?


I really need to clean the house before I go to the gym. Seriously. It is a mess. It's sad that I clean the restaurant more than my own place. Maybe I should hire a housekeeper.

Me about to cause some trouble.
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Moving sucks.

So does not having Internet.

I bought a couch and a bike yesterday. I love my new platinum no interest until 2008 credit card. Wait til I get to IKEA.

The moving truck has been rented, boxes are packed, Adam got his keys yesterday so we can slowly start moving the smaller stuff over. The next week is going to suck. I will reward myself with a kitten.

Miss you all. I'll catch up tomorrow, hopefully.
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I've been feeling pretty down these past few days. The whole job thing is really starting to weigh on me. I want to quit krem but I don't have anything to replace it yet. The other place I might start at hasn't called me. I dropped off a few applications yesterday and have an interview next week, but the interview is for a place that won't open until the end of January. I really don't want to be stuck at krem until then. But it looks like I don't really have a choice.

I just want to get settled finally, get a routine going, start making money again. I'm still fine money wise but I definitely need to start working and making money steadily. I really wish krem had been different, because now I feel jinxed or something and that I'll be searching for months for a job that will stabilize me like I need it to. I want something during the day, breakfast or lunch, and then bartending a few nights a week. Of course, I also have to remember to be patient, I always think that when I go apply for a job it means I'm going to get it, no matter what, and just because I want this to happen doesn't mean it will, at least right away. It's just starting to get me down.

I bought some new bras at the Victoria's Secret sale but I think I'm going to return one of them because it's not quite what I wanted. And I also treated myself to this bag from bebe sport. I've been eyeing it for months, I originally wanted it in white with a pink B but I figured it would get too dirty. It is my new gym bag and I love and adore it, even if it did cost more than I should've spent.

Sometimes I feel like this is all a dream.
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Adam cooked the most delicious thing he's ever made (aside from mac and cheese, obv.): chicken cordon bleu, a green bean salad with roasted almonds and garlic, and steamed asparagus. Anna and Julia were here and we ate and drank cheap wine and watched Back to the Future on the new TV. We also checked out the personal ads in the reader, the XXX ones are always so wonderful. I wonder if that stuff actually works. It must - there are a lot of lonely people in the world.

Anna, Julia and I also made a run to Salvation Army so they could drop off some stuff, a vanity, some clothes, and as soon as we pulled up at dusk these people came over to us and started looking through what we were leaving there. They took the vanity for a little girl who ran up to Julia and asked if she could have it and some winter boots and when we left they were sifting through the clothes. Incredibly sad, but also kind of joyous and very humbling.

We are off to IKEA today to buy a TV stand. I also want a bookshelf, and we have to figure out what we want to do with the back room. I'm thinking study.

It was 65 over the weekend. 65 in Chicago in November. AWESOME. Of course by Thursday it's going to drop into the 20s, so I'm thinking this was our last heat wave until June. Still, it was nice going outside without a jacket, and when I was downtown on State Street on Saturday it was nice to see so many people out enjoying the warmth and taking advantage of all the sales.

I've been having lots of anxiety about the new job. I feel like I'm going to totally fail at it. Oh well - all I can do is try. Speaking of, I need to go memorize the menu and drink list before I pick Adam up at 2.

Also, my phone rang around midnight, the number was not one I recognized but I picked it up anyway because who calls someone at midnight on a Sunday? Whoever it was hung up, and then called back a few minutes later. Turned out it was that guy who asked me out on Halloween. He was calling A MONTH after the fact. Wtf? AND it was midnight, AND I was drunk, AND I don't want to go out with him. The connection was bad, I couldn't hear much so I hung up. He didn't call back. I hope he doesn't.


Well I was going to go to the gym before 2 but now I won't have time. AHHH I suck. Memorize, shower, IKEA. And then there are rumors of karaoke tonight.
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But it felt so good.

What fun is waiting for Christmas?

Best Buy was having a killer sale - a $2100 TV for $1700, and we've been talking about getting one for a few weeks now, and we figured why not, and I got a Best Buy card so we can pay it off within 18 months without interest, and you know you're all jealous.

It's a Sony, 40" LCD HDTV, and that's all I know about it. We were going to get plasma because it was a couple hundred bucks cheaper but LCD works better with the computer.

AND we hooked up the cable and we get basic, so FREE TV WOO! I know we get ABC and NBC, hopefully the CW is on there somewhere. Also, we can hook up the computer to the TV (hence the LCD over plasma), which is very convenient since Adam's computer is a Media Center and there are a ton of shows already saved on it as it's been acting as the TV until now. But anything I download (coughBSGcough) we can watch on the BIG SCREEN. Also, we need to get a stand for it as that table isn't gonna cut it. That's the beer pong table, btw. That's how enormous this thing is.

Looooooove it. We broke it in watching The Empire Strikes Back last night. It was amazing. Well worth the two hours we spent in Best Buy narrowing down what exactly we wanted. The only sour moment of the night was when I went to grab Entourage Season 2. It was like something out of a movie - this guy was walking down the opposite side of the aisle and got there a second before I did and snatched the last copy. I wanted to kick him in the shins! Jerk. Actually, the person I wanted to kick was the saleman I asked when I went in earlier in the day, who said it was no longer on sale. And then I got home and checked online and it still was, so it was his fault too. Oh well, I ordered it and will go pick it up today.

Umm...I need to start working. ASAP. But whatever, it's all been coming out of the moving fund. I'm fine. I just kinda feel like I'm putting all my eggs in one basket with this job, I really hope it works out. I went downtown yesterday and got a new outfit at H&M (with a gift certificate from last Christmas, at least) specifically for work and then went to Forever 21 but didn't buy anything because I don't want to stock up on clothes and then be out of a job or something. Oh well, only one more week and then hopefully I'll be making $$ again.

Also, been doing a bunch of Christmas shopping...so far my parents are done, one of my uncles is done, and one of my aunts is done. So that leaves my other aunt and my grandma, but I think I know what I'm getting them. And my sister has to tell me what she wants. And I have Adam's too. Ack. This has been an expensive month!

I've been cleaning and moving stuff around since Adam left at 6 this morning, but I put a bunch of stuff, boxes and things, in the other room so the bedroom is now much airier. I have to tackle the dishes next, and hit the gym. My uncle is flying into O'Hare and has a 2 hour layover, I'm debating about whether I'm gonna go meet him. I should have checked the flight earlier, and then gone to the gym instead of drooling over the TV.

Finally, a few Halloween pictures behind the cut for those who can't see them on facebook. Can people not on facebook see albums on the site? I don't even knw.

Anyway, here we go. )
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Why am I still awake?

I seem to be asking myself that a lot lately.

My right wrist is killing me. From lifting all the bottles on Sunday, you pervs. Seriously, it's sore and achy and I had to carefully lift all the bottles out of the speed rack today instead of being the fast, awesome bartender I usually am. I did make a hell of a lot of drinks, I guess it makes sense. But DAMN.

So I bought Rescue Me Seasons 1 and 2 tonight at Best Buy because I deserve things that I want. And they were on sale, and I love that show to pieces. So now I can send back the rest of my Netflix and get BSG 2.5 because I hate hate HATE watching stuff on my computer. Which Adam pointed out I will have to do once I move because he DOES NOT HAVE TV OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO.

Right. I leave in 8 days. Umm, weird? I am getting super excited for Vegas. And then vaguely nervous about the rest of it.

I also bought hair dye because the red is coming out and it looked fucking awesome and I want it to be fucking awesome again. Tomorrow I have a lot to do, the dye, the bank, the gym, calling a gyno to get an appointment for the day before I leave (nothing like doing stuff at the last minute, huh?), figuring out bills, and lunch with Caroline. She's leaving on Wednesday for Virginia and won't be back before I go. I'm really going to miss her.

We watched Studio 60 tonight. I loved it. Amanda Peet is awesome and let me count how many ways I love Matthew Perry. Another show I have to figure out how to download. Seriously. This whole no TV thing is not going to work for me.

I'm exhausted, and I had a dream about Bruce, the shark from Jaws last night, that turned into some Survivor thing and then we had dinner at my old English teacher's house. It was really weird. I don't like dreaming about big giant sharks that eat people. In my dream I kept comparing it to The Life of Pi. I think there was a tiger involved. And lots of drippy caves.

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They ordered pizza here at the office and it smells divine and I reallllllllly want some but all the scary executives and producers are in there with it and meek little temp me is not going in there. Torture, I tell you. TORTURE. And they're just WATCHING TV. Go do some actual work and let me eat pizza. Wtf?

Anyway, I am in the process of spending way too much on DVDs. I'm buying S1 Veronica Mars for my mom's birthday, and Entourage S1 happens to be on sale, and I also want Arrested Development S3 to complete my collection. Not to mention I STILL want to get BSG S1 and S2, and 2.5 when it comes out, AND Tori's boxset is coming out at the end of the month, AND I have to get the original Star Wars when they also come out at the end of the month. Seriously, why am I such a materialistic whore?! Especially when the restaurant is dead and I am moving in a month and really should not be spending this money.

I suck.

Oh well.

A month from yesterday!!

I have a lot to do today between jobs. An abbreviated list:

- go to the gym!!! I haven't been since Sunday. Bad Serena.
- clean my room. It's really bad.
- do more laundry
- call insurance company
- pay some more bills
- do not spend the entire time wandering cyberspace aimlessly

Yeah. Okay, it doesn't sound like much when I write it all down. I have to stop being lazy.


Oh, Mark, sorry I missed you yet again, I was on another call and there was no number so I didn't click over. Oops?

I had more to say. Oh well.
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I was a bad girl today.

So Target and Best Buy are oh so conveniently located in the same shopping center on La Brea, and I headed over to get VM S2 on DVD today. I got them at Best Buy, and then went to Target because I was sure I needed something there. I didn't, but I did find House S1 on sale for $30. So I bought it. Because I have no self control whatsoever.

Oh well. I have shiny new DVDs! Yay!

crazy life

Aug. 15th, 2006 06:08 pm
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We went out on Sunday night, as my friend Whitney is going back home to Florida because she's going to school in Paris in September. We headed to Barney's after work for some dinner and drinks, and everyone got carded and I looked at my friends' IDs and realized I WAS THE OLDEST PERSON THERE.

I do not like being the oldest person around. Especially when I am out with my girlfriends drinking.

In 6 weeks I will be 23. I AM OLD NOW OMG. Heh. And when people ask, I still always slip and say 21. And then I look like an idiot when I blubber and go, no wait, I'm 22.

I don't like this.

Of course, a few weeks ago when [livejournal.com profile] torchthisnow and I went to CPK, we ordered drinks and I'm the one that got carded. That was amusing.

Oh, randomly, does anyone have Placebo's "Infrared" that they'd be willing to send me? I heard it on the radio and now I want it.

Also, Urban Outfitters had my shoes on sale, so I got them for $34 instead of $68!! I love sales. I got them in black, and I love them. They are beautiful, and they make me tall, and I'm going to be good and break them in slowly so as not to get even more blisters on my already-blistered feet.
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I got a new bag today. It's made by Guess and it's reddish/purple and gorgeous and I love it. And I got a matching wallet. And it was on sale.

And I only feel a little guilty about spending the money.


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