Apr. 20th, 2010 09:49 pm
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I am moved in but not nearly unpacked. I HAVE A LOT OF SHIT. It's going to take a while to figure out where everything goes, especially because there is NO storage in this apartment. And my bedroom is teeny tiny. Like, I have my queen bed and two dressers in there and you can barely move. Oh well, it'll work out fine.

It kind of struck me today, how much I've grown up. The past two times I've moved, first out of the apartment Adam and I shared and then into the place I've been for the past two years, I've had awful panic attacks and second thoughts and just general nervousness about the newness. And this time - it just feels GOOD. It feels right. I feel ready and excited. There have been no panic attacks, no fear, just excitement. Does that mean I'm finally growing up?

I'm exhausted, I don't care that it's 9:50, I am going to bed. I hope Felicia doesn't pee on me tonight, she's in my room while she acclimates to her new surroundings.
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Packing is almost done.

UGH I have too much crap.


Apr. 21st, 2009 01:45 pm
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Man, I have a lot of clothes. I am currently going through my wardrobe to weed it out, in an admitted half-assed attempt at Spring Cleaning. I finally put together my new dresser for IKEA and instead of just filling it with clothes that will never get worn, I am going through everything I own. The Salvation Army is going to have a field day with all this.

I am also trying to finally be an adult and get rid of all the stuff I have from high school that I will never ever wear anymore because it just doesn't fit right. Man, some of the stuff I got away with wearing back then amazes me! It was all tits and ass even with the dress code we had to abide by. Oh, the good old days. Now when I dress slutty I have to make sure it does not result in me having muffin tops or showing off the backs of my thighs too much. Getting old sucks.

I have a coffee table! I finally feel like my apartment is done. Only took 2 years! I am debating whether or not I want to paint, especially in my bedroom. I need to get more of my photos printed and hung up, maybe then it will seem a little less bare. I'm on the lookout for funky pieces and stuff but I don't really know what kind of theme I want, y'know? So far it's just dance and a poster from home. Something to work on.

Also, I want a pole but I have nowhere to put it. I've wanted to take poledancing classes for FOREVER but they don't fit into my schedule because they're all on the weekends. Weekends do not work for me. My friend Jameela just bought one and now I realllllllllly want one. Sadly, there is really nowhere to put it as my living room is pretty crowded as is. I must meditate on it, I can make it work, I know it.

I spent the weekend in horrible pain thanks to cramps. At least that meant no babies, but when I say horrible, I mean I was literally up all night on Friday because I couldn't sleep. Clearly something is very wrong and I'm gonna have to go back to the doc. Looks like a D&C is more and more likely. Yikes. Not really into it but if it makes my period go back to normal, I'm in. You should see the stuff that was coming out of my body, it was like an ecological disaster. Not fun.

I need a new header. It will still be Kara and Lee because hello, OTP LOVE, but it's time for something new. Guess I should get Photoshop installed so I can play, huh?

Right. Back to work.
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It was fun, 1B. We had some times. Thanks for teaching me a lot about myself. I know you were just there, existing like you always have, and I needed that. I needed something constant and tangible and MINE.

(Love letters to my old apartment. Guess how well unpacking is going?)

Iron Man in 6 hours!
Two more photos )
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Moving sucks.

So does not having Internet.

I bought a couch and a bike yesterday. I love my new platinum no interest until 2008 credit card. Wait til I get to IKEA.

The moving truck has been rented, boxes are packed, Adam got his keys yesterday so we can slowly start moving the smaller stuff over. The next week is going to suck. I will reward myself with a kitten.

Miss you all. I'll catch up tomorrow, hopefully.
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The apartment, that is. We went to IKEA on Monday and spent almost three hours picking out furniture. We ended up with a TV stand, two end tables, a coffee table, a chair and an ottoman, a desk, a table that gets bolted to the wall and can be put down to make extra room, a stool, some posters, two large pillows, a bunch of candles, and a couple other odds and ends.

We assembled all night and then spent yesterday and today rearranging, reorganizing and cleaning the place from top to bottom. It looks GREAT. It's a totally different apartment! I actually want to spend time in here! We moved Adam's large desk and book shelf into Peter's room and now have ourselves a study and a hell of a lot more room in the bedroom. Everything is organized and put away now, and we got holiday decorations today that we have to put up. Lights, garland, stockings, Christmas we just need a tree!

I will take pictures, probably tomorrow in the light.

We went out last night and I got TRASHED. Well, I got trashed at Anna's (too much vodka!) and then we went out and I don't really remember being at the bar, just having Anna get me a cab home and then having the cab driver hit on me and try to hold my hand and say we should hang out. CREEPED ME OUT!!! I had him let me out about 5 blocks from the apartment, I couldn't stay in that cab with him! He kept saying I didn't have to pay but I threw $10 at him and got out real quick. I vaguely remember texting Adam and Anna as I stumbled home, telling them about it. Took me three blocks just to make sure all the spelling was correct. I got home, pulled out the futon in the living room because there was crap on the bed, and fell asleep with the TV on. Adam came home later and made sure I was okay, I was still so out of it! I perked up when he hooked up my computer to the TV, on the big screen is AWESOME. Especially when it's starring the one and only Jenna Jameson. Y'know how I roll.

I had another meeting at work today. The opening has been pushed back a week as the place isn't close to being done. Over the past few days I've been really super nervous about the job, I even had a nightmare about it the other day! But this morning I woke up and felt good, felt excited about it. I think it was actually admitting it to someone, I told Anna how I was feeling scared and as soon as I did I felt better. We all introduced ourselves, even though most everyone already knows each other, and I think that helped even more. Hopefully this is going to work out!!

Speaking of nightmares, I had one the other night that I was still in LA and this whole time in Chicago had been a dream! Or I ended up back in LA, somehow, it was fuzzy, but I remember thinking that Adam was going to be mad because I was going to make him come out and get me again. I was freaking out until I woke up and realized it was all just a horrible dream. Yuck.

I'm going home in three and a half weeks!! It's so weird, I haven't been there in almost 6 months...the last time I saw my sister was last January!!! I'm ready, it'll be great to go back and see everyone, spend time with the fam, see what new things my parents have done to the house in my absense. When I left, they turned my room into a closet. When my sister left, they turned hers into a Japanese-style meditation room. wtf?

I have so many dishes to do, it's unreal.
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But it felt so good.

What fun is waiting for Christmas?

Best Buy was having a killer sale - a $2100 TV for $1700, and we've been talking about getting one for a few weeks now, and we figured why not, and I got a Best Buy card so we can pay it off within 18 months without interest, and you know you're all jealous.

It's a Sony, 40" LCD HDTV, and that's all I know about it. We were going to get plasma because it was a couple hundred bucks cheaper but LCD works better with the computer.

AND we hooked up the cable and we get basic, so FREE TV WOO! I know we get ABC and NBC, hopefully the CW is on there somewhere. Also, we can hook up the computer to the TV (hence the LCD over plasma), which is very convenient since Adam's computer is a Media Center and there are a ton of shows already saved on it as it's been acting as the TV until now. But anything I download (coughBSGcough) we can watch on the BIG SCREEN. Also, we need to get a stand for it as that table isn't gonna cut it. That's the beer pong table, btw. That's how enormous this thing is.

Looooooove it. We broke it in watching The Empire Strikes Back last night. It was amazing. Well worth the two hours we spent in Best Buy narrowing down what exactly we wanted. The only sour moment of the night was when I went to grab Entourage Season 2. It was like something out of a movie - this guy was walking down the opposite side of the aisle and got there a second before I did and snatched the last copy. I wanted to kick him in the shins! Jerk. Actually, the person I wanted to kick was the saleman I asked when I went in earlier in the day, who said it was no longer on sale. And then I got home and checked online and it still was, so it was his fault too. Oh well, I ordered it and will go pick it up today.

Umm...I need to start working. ASAP. But whatever, it's all been coming out of the moving fund. I'm fine. I just kinda feel like I'm putting all my eggs in one basket with this job, I really hope it works out. I went downtown yesterday and got a new outfit at H&M (with a gift certificate from last Christmas, at least) specifically for work and then went to Forever 21 but didn't buy anything because I don't want to stock up on clothes and then be out of a job or something. Oh well, only one more week and then hopefully I'll be making $$ again.

Also, been doing a bunch of Christmas far my parents are done, one of my uncles is done, and one of my aunts is done. So that leaves my other aunt and my grandma, but I think I know what I'm getting them. And my sister has to tell me what she wants. And I have Adam's too. Ack. This has been an expensive month!

I've been cleaning and moving stuff around since Adam left at 6 this morning, but I put a bunch of stuff, boxes and things, in the other room so the bedroom is now much airier. I have to tackle the dishes next, and hit the gym. My uncle is flying into O'Hare and has a 2 hour layover, I'm debating about whether I'm gonna go meet him. I should have checked the flight earlier, and then gone to the gym instead of drooling over the TV.

Finally, a few Halloween pictures behind the cut for those who can't see them on facebook. Can people not on facebook see albums on the site? I don't even knw.

Anyway, here we go. )


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