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Pregnant, a set on Flickr.

One of the reasons I've been so busy lately is I've been taking photography classes. I took a Fundamentals class in the fall, followed by Intermediate and Studio Lighting. The Studio Lighting class just wrapped up, and my friend Haven is 8 months pregnant with her first child, so I figured I'd try to put the two together and do a maternity shoot for her.

I learned so much from it, and while there's still so much more I have to learn and practice, I'm pretty happy with my first foray into studio lighting.

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I am so very bad at updating this thing lately. I don't know why, a lot's been going on. I just have no drive to write about it all. There's everything with Adam, my Mom's visit out here, all my plans for the rest of the summer... It's funny because I'm on here all the time, I just can't make myself write.

I've been editing the pictures I took while my mom was here because I FINALLY managed to steal acquire Photoshop CS5. I've missed it so. The photos came out AWESOME, if I do say so myself. When they're all online, I'll link to them and post a few here. I start my work week in about 5 hours, which then means I really don't get much time to myself until Sunday night. I don't mind, I REALLY need the cash. Here's hoping we pick back up, the last few weeks have been unbearable.
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I'm sorry I didn't get to respond to everyone yet from my picture post, but I will! I'm just running short on time, and I have to pack up my stuff and get to the studio (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!).

Anyway, I appreciate all the feedback! It didn't make my decision any easier so I changed the rules completely, and pulled something out of left field.


This was in the original running but the top of the cups is funny and juts out no matter how much I push and prod my breasts to fill it. I tried the strapless bra but you could see it because there was such a gap. So...I sewed the bar INTO the corset! I'm so crafty. Yay!

I'm going to bring all 4 outfits and see what the photographer says, but in my heart I want to use the one above and the pink bra.

Okay! Hair is dried and styled, time to pack up the work stuff and the fun stuff and get out of here! Oh, also I need to make myself a sandwich for later, clearly I did not eat yet today...

Can't wait for my fake lashes!


Oct. 5th, 2009 03:56 pm
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I am officially done with Level 1 at S Factor! Yesterday was week 8, which means next week starts week 1 of Level 2. I am SO EXCITED. We got to see the tricks we're going to learn and they look so fun, but hard! I still have another month to build strength for climbing. Little nervous about that, but mostly excited.

I bought some new leg warmers. How hot are they!

Two more pics! )

I am so bad, every week I have to buy something new. I love it. Next up, I need to pick [livejournal.com profile] alleynyc's brain about buying a pole. And music. I want more to bring to class.

Off to see Zombieland with Adam and his dad!

old lady

Sep. 21st, 2009 09:08 pm
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What am I going to wear? Last year I wore this:

Kinda hard to top Rollerskate Barbie, don't you think? I think I will go out and hunt for something tomorrow.
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Just made the most amazing soothing muscle massage oil with a recipe from the Aura Cacia website using juniper berry, peppermint, pine, and lemon in sweet almond oil. I feel relaxed and smell delicious! This aromatherapy stuff is fun! It's great to have a new hobby, especially one that has cures for ailments caused by my other new hobby, pole dancing.

Speaking of pole dancing, check out my sweet shoes!

I heart them so much. Combined with my booty shorts and thigh high leg warmers, I look pretty hot. Oh yeah. Already signed up for Level 2. I am in this for the long haul!

Waiting for Adam to get out of rehearsal so we can make chicken parm sandwiches for dinner and watch more Dexter S3.

Things to do over the next days/weeks: clean the house, organize the living room, go through my books and DVDs and make piles to send to goodwill or sell on eBay. The fall cleaning bug has hit! Hopefully I will get off my ass and actually do something about it, too.

I need to program TiVo with all the shows I want to watch this year. So far it's Dollhouse, Glee, Bones...umm, I know there's more. Remember when I used to have shows to watch every night of the week? TV sucks these days.

Adam sliced my finger open with a Batarang last night. What's a Batarang, you ask? One of those things that Batman throws at bad guys!!! Yes, Batman. He has a Batman costume, and it came with a utility belt, and the utility belt had Batarangs in it. He is such a nerd. And my finger is sliced to hell. Luckily, he made it up to me. ;D And it was an accident, so I wasn't mad or anything

I can't believe my birthday is in 2 weeks! I will be 26. (Yikes.) I have started practicing saying I am already 26 so that when it comes I won't be so freaked out. I'm getting old, man. Still not sure on plans yet, I'd like to do dinner and then a bar but the bar I want to go to, Harrigans aka our local dive bar, has open mic night, and guess who wants no part of that? Ugh. I need to figure something out asap and get on Facebook about it.


Sep. 9th, 2009 11:16 pm
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New hair!!

More behind the cut )
Sorry for the crap quality, I took them on my Blackberry. I am so in love with it! It needed to be cut so badly.

I spent 3 hours today playing DC Universe Vs. Mortal Kombat with Adam. It was awesome. I was actually pretty good, which is surprising because usually I really suck with video games. I mean, I can't even play MarioKart. Apparently I can kick lots of ass, though.

We also watched the first 3 episodes of Dexter S3 last night...I really like it! I've read complaints about the season as a whole, but I think it's off to a good start. Very different from the previous 2 seasons, but I think S1 and S2 were very different from each other so I'm okay with it. Can't wait to see where it goes, Jimmy Smits gives me the chills!

I stuffed myself with Chinese food. I need to knock it off with the junk food, pronto. I've been bad about the gym, and while pole dancing has been kicking my ass, it only happens once a week and is not enough to sustain me. I like being thin, I've worked really hard over the last 6 months and I will not throw it away now. I keep having to give myself that pep talk. Of course, after what I ate today, I never want to see food again, so hopefully it will prove unnecessary.

I am so obsessed with essential oils. I spent a ton of money today at Whole Foods buying the essentials (ha), along with sweet almond oil so I have a base to make massage oils. I'm using The Complete Guide to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, plus the Aura Cacia website. It's all fascinating to me. I love scents. I developed an obsession with tea tree oil months ago, I have a feeling it won't take much to become addicted to the whole of aromatherapy. Now I just need to get a special box for all my oils.

I need to retrieve and fold my laundry, pack my bag for tomorrow, and hit the hay. Wednesday is my Sunday and I've been extra tired lately, I could use an extra hour or so of sleep. I've been getting frustrated with work lately, I need to take a deep breath, remember how lucky I am to have such a good job, and smile. The rest is just chicken and cornbread.
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So, I dyed my hair black a few weeks ago. I am finally used to it, and the color has faded a bit so that red highlights are starting to come through. I've gotten lots of compliments and everyone seems to really like it, apparently I look all sultry which I am all for!!

But every time I look in the mirror, I feel like Vanessa from The Little Mermaid (you know, Vanessa is actually Ursula turned human and she's using Ariel's voice to lure poor hapless Prince Eric away and get him to marry her and is all evil and wonderful and should have her own movie). Case in point:



I want to cackle evilly and make someone marry me out of spite.


These are the worst days off I've had in a very long time. I got a brief reprieve Tuesday night when I went to Adam's for blackjack and poker. (I was hoping for some sexy times but no joy - I passed out and he uploaded podcasts to his new website until 5 in the morning. When did we get OLD?) But I came home Wednesday afternoon, after spending an hour at WaMu getting my bank accounts transferred from California to Illinois so I could get my new Chase debit card, to find a bunch of cat vomit all over my apartment and Abby drooling just as Felicia had been. UGH. So off we went back to the vet.

My vet is super sweet and I really like her. Abby didn't have the ulcers on her tongue like Felicia did but she had a fever and the same symptoms so I am to administer the same meds and hope that she gets better. All this was fine and dandy until Felicia decided to scratch one of the vet techs, and since she is not up on her rabies shots, she has to stay at the vet for the next 10 days for observation. I thought my vet was going to cry when she told me, she clearly felt horrible about the whole situation. Felicia just got scared and lashed out and now the poor thing is quarantined for the next 10 days.

And of course Abby doesn't know what to do with herself. She made a mess in her carrier so I had to bathe her when we got home, so I am REALLY not her favorite person right now. She is currently wallowing in her super secret hiding spot in my closet after I pumped her full of drugs and pain meds. It's weird because it feels like there are no cats here at all. This is actually a good time to experiment and see if Abby also pees outside the litter box or if it's only Felicia as I suspect. At least her stay at the vet won't cost me anything, the last three days I have spent over $700 on them. UGH. Do NOT want to think about it. At least I'm getting lots of miles from American Express. Sigh.


So, I haven't watched Caprica yet. I KNOW. I will, and I want to, it's just...it's still so raw. Ack. My BSG love is a bleeding wound that just won't clot no matter how hard Jamie Bamber and his interpretations of the finale (plus the French!!) try. AND my friend Maile has my Season 1 DVDs so I can't even go back and start the rewatch that I so want to do. Thank God the blu rays come out in July, that way I will lend out my DVDs and keep my blu rays for myself.

I miss Starbuck. And Apollo. And Tigh. (Not Dee.)


I can't believe I am actually looking forward to going back to work because the last few days have been so exhausting.


I know I owe you replies from comments made last week. I'm sorry I'm so bad at replying. I suck at emailing too. I would like to work on that, I really would.

I redid my tags, cleaned them up and made them a little more inventive. I think I like them, and I think I'm going to change a few more over. I still have to go back one day and tag the first 3 years of this journal. I always always always miss my anniversary: it's March 31. I made this back in 2002. Weird how much of my life is here, and how much I don't remember from before I started writing in it. I wish I had been better about journalling in high school.


I am thinking about my next tattoo. I am toying with the phrase Know Grace, as a reminder, and a warning. I need to let grace guide my life a little more than I do. Next is placement, and how I want it to look, and if it will be in another language or not.


It's time for bed.
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Nabbed this meme from everyone.

Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing*.
Post these instructions with your picture.


In other news. I CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM MY HOUSE will never not be funny to me. God, that sketch was the greatest thing I've seen in a long time.

I am going to be 25 in a week. God.

On Thursday night I couldn't sleep, I listened to 4 BSG podcasts and yelled at the cats for keeping me up, even though it wasn't their fault. Adam got a Blu-Ray player and we watched A Few Good Men, Terminator 2 and Outbreak in blu ray, and let me tell you, it is a great way to look at the world. I want one. I want lots of things. Materialistic? Me? Yeah, I should work on that.

I should also be in bed because I got no sleep and then worked 2 doubles and have a splitting headache and have to get up in a few hours to go back to work. I really just want to watch BSG for days. How can something be SO GOOD? I just don't understand. I could write a manifesto about how good that show is. I won't; it's bedtime.

Oh, I got to see Molly on Monday after not seeing her for like 10 bazillion years and we sat around and talked, and then got lunch and talked, and then got margaritas and got tipsy and talked, and then came back to my house and talked, and then napped and I like to think we still talked on a special brain wavelength. Molly, you are and always will be one of my very best BFFs. NOW MOVE TO CHICAGO SO I DON'T HAVE TO MISS YOU ANYMORE.

We played poker at Adam's on Tuesday, AFTER I had 2 margaritas at Chili Macs, and DURING WHICH I drank a bottle of wine and downed a lot of Midol and then was too drunk and nauseous and made Beth watch Spaced with me. I did get to try some of the Blue Label I bought Adam; that stuff is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. And I don't drink scotch. But it didn't burn on the way down, which is my biggest complaint about liquor. Of course I would have the most expensive taste. No one ever believes me when I say it's expensive to be me. I like nice things. I need nice scotch.

There was something else I wanted to say. There's a bug on the ceiling and the cats are going nuts.
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I have been spending SO much money lately. It's bad; I need to stop. In the last few weeks I have hit up the Victoria's Secret sale twice for new panties, two new bras and two dresses; Hollister for four pairs of shorts, two pairs for biking and two of the longer length for hanging out and a pair of sweat pants; Express for two shirts (on sale!); Sephora for some new makeup; Guess for a new dress; and Aldo for new shoes. Seriously. I HAVE A PROBLEM.

But look at how pretty my dresses are!! )

Still. Need to cut back on the spending. Yikes.

Other than that, I've been WORKING. So really, I can absolutely justify the spending, because my last paycheck was for 100 hours of work for the past two weeks. Not that I mind, or am complaining, but I am tired. Every night I come home and pass right out. I woke up today at noon after going to sleep at 2. My back hurts from biking with my backpack to work every day, too. I really need a massage.

Oh well. Like I said, I'm not going to complain about the extra hours because it means extra cash for me.

I just need to start enjoying summer a little more. I want to hit the beach a lot more, hit up Haven's pool, hang out with my friends and drink a lot. I know work will slow down in the next few weeks as we have a ton of people in training to deal with all the open shifts.

I also have not gotten my IRS stimulus check yet. I am calling them on Monday. I want my money!!

This is a very materialistic post, Y/Y?


I really need to clean the house before I go to the gym. Seriously. It is a mess. It's sad that I clean the restaurant more than my own place. Maybe I should hire a housekeeper.

Me about to cause some trouble.
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It was fun, 1B. We had some times. Thanks for teaching me a lot about myself. I know you were just there, existing like you always have, and I needed that. I needed something constant and tangible and MINE.

(Love letters to my old apartment. Guess how well unpacking is going?)

Iron Man in 6 hours!
Two more photos )


Apr. 23rd, 2008 01:58 pm
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Spring has finally come to Chicago!

In celebration (and not at all because I am procrastinating packing), I took pictures.

more? )
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A picture before I go to bed. I took this a few weeks ago and didn't think of it until I uploaded it today, along with pictures of my apartment. Apartment pics will come, hopefully before I move into the new place. Out with the old, in with the new.

Anyway. I really love how this came out.

Wrigley Field at sunset.
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Photos from the past couple of days, last Wednesday right after the deep freeze and then after the snowstorm Sunday night.

[car windshield]
and i know i have been
driven like the snow

where the sea is the sky )


Dec. 22nd, 2007 02:26 am
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This is what happens when I work for 15 hours and then try to OPEN A DOOR.

I suck. My head is fucking killing me.

You win, Today. Okay? YOU WIN.

(Please notice that it is not only a gaping wound, but an enormous bump as well. Work is going to be so fun tomorrow.)
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Where the river cross
the lake
Where the words
Jump off my
pen and
into your pages

The Land in the Sky.

(this is why i love going home in the summer. there's no place like it in the whole world. and i lovelovelove my camera.)
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I took this a few weeks ago at the park across from my apartment.


Sep. 17th, 2007 08:19 am
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Everyone, please meet Abigail and Felicia. Abby is the shy one, Felicia is real sassy. They are 8 weeks old, the pictures don't really convey how TINY they are! My foot is bigger than them. They weigh 1 lb. each and are tearing up the living room as I type.



Seriously. How cute are they?
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But it felt so good.

What fun is waiting for Christmas?

Best Buy was having a killer sale - a $2100 TV for $1700, and we've been talking about getting one for a few weeks now, and we figured why not, and I got a Best Buy card so we can pay it off within 18 months without interest, and you know you're all jealous.

It's a Sony, 40" LCD HDTV, and that's all I know about it. We were going to get plasma because it was a couple hundred bucks cheaper but LCD works better with the computer.

AND we hooked up the cable and we get basic, so FREE TV WOO! I know we get ABC and NBC, hopefully the CW is on there somewhere. Also, we can hook up the computer to the TV (hence the LCD over plasma), which is very convenient since Adam's computer is a Media Center and there are a ton of shows already saved on it as it's been acting as the TV until now. But anything I download (coughBSGcough) we can watch on the BIG SCREEN. Also, we need to get a stand for it as that table isn't gonna cut it. That's the beer pong table, btw. That's how enormous this thing is.

Looooooove it. We broke it in watching The Empire Strikes Back last night. It was amazing. Well worth the two hours we spent in Best Buy narrowing down what exactly we wanted. The only sour moment of the night was when I went to grab Entourage Season 2. It was like something out of a movie - this guy was walking down the opposite side of the aisle and got there a second before I did and snatched the last copy. I wanted to kick him in the shins! Jerk. Actually, the person I wanted to kick was the saleman I asked when I went in earlier in the day, who said it was no longer on sale. And then I got home and checked online and it still was, so it was his fault too. Oh well, I ordered it and will go pick it up today.

Umm...I need to start working. ASAP. But whatever, it's all been coming out of the moving fund. I'm fine. I just kinda feel like I'm putting all my eggs in one basket with this job, I really hope it works out. I went downtown yesterday and got a new outfit at H&M (with a gift certificate from last Christmas, at least) specifically for work and then went to Forever 21 but didn't buy anything because I don't want to stock up on clothes and then be out of a job or something. Oh well, only one more week and then hopefully I'll be making $$ again.

Also, been doing a bunch of Christmas shopping...so far my parents are done, one of my uncles is done, and one of my aunts is done. So that leaves my other aunt and my grandma, but I think I know what I'm getting them. And my sister has to tell me what she wants. And I have Adam's too. Ack. This has been an expensive month!

I've been cleaning and moving stuff around since Adam left at 6 this morning, but I put a bunch of stuff, boxes and things, in the other room so the bedroom is now much airier. I have to tackle the dishes next, and hit the gym. My uncle is flying into O'Hare and has a 2 hour layover, I'm debating about whether I'm gonna go meet him. I should have checked the flight earlier, and then gone to the gym instead of drooling over the TV.

Finally, a few Halloween pictures behind the cut for those who can't see them on facebook. Can people not on facebook see albums on the site? I don't even knw.

Anyway, here we go. )
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So it's been forever since I've done a picture post, and I was uploading some I took last night so I can show you all my new lovely corset and bag because I am shallow glad they have come into my life. And I found some older pictures from my dad's retirement party, our white trash barbeque, and a few random ones, and I wanted to post them. So, here ya go.

White Trash Barbeque!! )
My Dad's Retirement Party! )
My new corset!! )
My new bag!! )
Adam and I in Chicago and Whitney and I out for Aimee's birthday )
Crazy license plates Molly and I saw on our way to the Counting Crows concert )

And after seeing how pale I am, it's beach time for me!


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