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May. 14th, 2010 11:53 pm
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I had an appointment at Northwestern today for a CT scan related to my kidney stones. I get my results on Tuesday, from that and other tests I've done. I'll have to let the doctor know surgery is not an option, since I retain fluids so fast that they won't be able to do anything before I need to be transported to ICU. (That's what happened before.)

After my appointment, I headed to work to pick up some money, but got sidetracked by a little old lady who asked me to help her cross the street. I ended up walking her down several blocks to get to the correct bus she needed to get home. As we walked, we got to talking. Her name was Rosalind, she is an art collector who has lent her collection of ancient Chinese pieces to the Honolulu Museum for a few months. She was super sweet, kept apologizing for keeping me, which she wasn't at all. She wants us to have a lunch party. Seriously, how cute is that?

It's amazing who you'll meet when you stop to help someone in need. Thanks, karma, I needed that one.
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As if today wasn't weird the gym I ran into someone who not only went to Purchase, but graduated the same year I did!!!

AND she was a dance major, which means she knew a lot of the same people I knew, including my BFF Jinny! And all the girls I lived with sophomore year who were also dancers.

How crazy. Purchase is a TINY school, most people haven't even heard of it. And for the both of us to end up in Chicago at the same's a small world, man. Her name is Allison and Jin says she's super nice.

She recognized me cuz I was wearing my old college sweatpants that say Purchase across the butt. Most people ask "how much?" when they see them. Because that joke never gets old.

Anyway, how weird is that? This is the second perso I've run into since leaving school that knows a bunch of people I know. My friend Matt, who I met out here, has a sister who is best friends with one of the dancers I lived with at school, and she also knew all my dancer friends and had gone to some parties that Jin held when she lived above us at the on campus apartments! This girl literally partied above my house and we didn't meet until Chicago. So random.

Anyway, yes, that is my story about Purchase. She teaches pilates, maybe I'll have to go.

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(918): Five things that make you perfect. Go.
(1-918): The skin of a dead hooker. The blood of the innocent. The soul of a kitten. The hat from cat in the hat. And sunglasses.

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I just passed a bus that Yoda programmed: the marquee had "My kind of town/Chicago is" scrolling across it as it drove down Michigan Ave. Hee! I love this city.

Back to work. Sigh. I know I need the money and I picked up tonight intentionally so I could make a few extra bucks but man, I do not want to go in. I'm early, I think I might need to hit up Walgreens for some sugar that'll rot my teeth.
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My wrist hurts. I guess working a 17 hour day with a 20 minute break will do that?

*falls over*


Three fire trucks and the cops just pulled onto my street. Weird. A bunch of firefighters went into the building across the street. I hope everything is okay.
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Jenny Calendar was just on my TV selling Quick Books. Ironic?
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I biked home from work Friday night and as I turned into the alley behind my building, I saw a bunny hopping toward me. There a lot of them that live on the street, I always see them, especially at night, so this was not very surprising.

This, however, was: another bunny comes tearing around the corner a few seconds after the first running at full speed. And trotting after it, salivating, was A FOX. That's right, a fox. He was intent on his hunt and didn't pay me any mind. We were probably 5 feet from each other, me with my bike and he with dinner in sight. It was really cool! And random. I've never been that close to a fox before, and I grew up in the mountains. Weird.

Umm, I really need to renew my paid account. Someone remind me after I deposit some cash tomorrow.
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There was a girl who got on the bus a few stops after me today. I got off at Diversey and went to the gym for about an hour, and when I went back to the bus stop to go home that same girl was already there waiting. Of all the bus stops in the city.

Also, it's interesting to see how people react to a cranky/screaming child. The looks of disgust, the annoyance, watching the mother carefully and judging her on her parenting skills. And really, most of the time the mother fails. But I wonder about that pressure. Do they get embarrassed? Do they want everyone to fuck off? Dare they challenge anyone to do better? Do they even notice?

All the energy I had before has been sucked away, and I feel weak and weary.


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