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From Twitter 03-23-2011

  • RT @kateesackhoff "I promise I've only slept with 5 guys" #thingsstarbuckwouldntsay
  • RT @sg15z: I love Lee Adama #thingsstarbuckwouldntsay #ohwait
  • "No thanks, one night stands aren't my thing." #thingsstarbuckwouldntsay @kateesackhoff
  • What is wrong with your head that you do this to a dog? DIAF ASSHOLES. RT @juliebenz this is horrific! http://bit.ly/gG2NJf
  • And here comes the snow. #fuckyouwinter
  • Whatever pleasure you get from smoking must be cancelled out by having to stand out in the wind/snow/cold to get it.
  • RT @DCdebbie: After 1 year of Obamacare, I don't see anyone in jail for NOT signing up. I don't see death panels killing grandmas. Teapa ...

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